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ADMIN NOTE: No retcon of roleplay is necessary as a result of this character firing.

Altair (Scenesys ID: -1)
"Stealth is as much not being seen as it is not leaving any witnesses."
Full Name: Altair ibn la'Ahad
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: (OFC) Assassin's Creed-1R
Function: Hashshashin
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Union (LC)
Groups: The Hashshashins, Syndicate Network, Users.Net, Gatecrashers Union, Last Chancers
Other Information
Physical Age: 27 Actual Age: 27
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor:
Height: 5'11 Weight: ~160lbs
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Black
Theme Song:


A member of an ancient order of Syrian Assassins formed by the venerated Hassan-I Sabbah, Altair ibn la Ahad has mastered the art of professional murder. Arguably the most skilled member of his organization, he is an expert in anything ranging from mundane pick pocketing, stealth, tracking and information gathering to outstanding feats of dexterity to avoid capture and a multitude of fighting styles. Not without his own flaws, Altair doesn't quite fit the typical assassin profile; he is impulsive, overconfident and often chooses to ignore his extensive training of hiding in the shadows to engage his target in open combat. Altair is aware of the dangers that come from his recklessness however, he does this merely because of his sense of urgency to vanquish the seed of evil wherever it may take root. Somewhat of a walking contradiction, Altair comes off as someone who grudgingly sticks to protocol only because he is forced to, always holding back from executing far more brutal solutions than to what he is allowed. His motives are blurred in the intricacies of the Assassins making it impossible to tell when hes being sincere about his ideals and when he is just pretending to be your friend to accomplish some ulterior goal. Whatever inner conflicts he may have, one fact remains true; targets stalked by Altair are almost always as good as dead.










Insidious: Altair is vengeful and proud, harm him in anyway and he will forgive you, but he will not forget you and he will probably never trust you again. He will bide his time letting his negative emotions build up within him, waiting for just the right time to strike and when he does, it will be at the worst moment possible for his target. This is absolutely fatal for group missions as Altair is most definitely /not/ a team player. If he has had trouble with someone in the past and they have the misfortune of getting paired with him, hell shove them out of the way, rush forward to hog all the glory and otherwise make himself an obstacle. In the past this has even cost Altair the death of a few comrades due to his behavior. He is getting better, but he just doesnt seem to learn his lesson. Spite mixed with arrogance is truly a terrible combination.

Cold: While he does speak his mind when he feels like it, Altair maintains his emotions in check like the professional assassin that he is. Some would say that he does this too well, he never cracks a smile, hes always hiding his face with a hood of some sort and he doesnt go out of his way to meet new people, not unless hes supposed to kill them. In short, hes not very friendly and is thus terrible at parties. He has been known to warm up to some people in the past if he is forced to work with them, however this has always taken a monumental effort from all parties involved, most notably himself.

Ruthless: No Remorse. No Hesitation. No Mercy. Altair kills and he kills well, many people will undoubtedly be surprised by his level of ruthlessness as his cruelty can sometimes rival that of supposed villains. Altair doesnt care what other people think though, if its for the good of the mission, he will steal, he will kill and he will eliminate his target at all costs. Even if he does spare the innocent as part of the Assassins Creed, his willingness to kill indiscriminately and utter contempt for the sanctity of life may put him at odds with more law abiding team mates such as Paladins. It is ill advised to put younger or more impressionable heroes under the tutelage of Altair, not unless they want to lose their innocence and get lots of gravel in their guts fast.

Medieval Man: Altair hails from the Middle East in the the time of the Great Crusades. Although he is quick to adapt to any situation as all Hashshashins are trained to do, suddenly plunged into the Multiverse has turned his world upside down revealing his very outdated ideals. Though he has become highly proficient with firearms, driving vehicles and operating heavy machinery still eludes him, he can also come off as sexist and highly intolerant. In the time where he hails from, he was considered by all to be fairly moderate in his beliefs, but in comparison to the open minded view of the Multiverse he can come off as backwards and crass. Thankfully, he is very cultured due to the extensive educational system of the Hashshashins, but from time to time his controversial thoughts do tend to show and can lead to some very awkward faux pas moments.

The Three Tenets:

        Stay your blade from the flesh of an Innocent.
        Hide in Plain Sight.
        Never compromise the Brotherhood.

This is the code of the Hashshashin and the most effective way of keeping Altair in line. Reminding him of the Creed is a certain way of putting him under control if it looks like he's about to jump off the deep end and slay people indiscriminately.

Can Sorta Swim?: Thanks to Sakura Kinomoto's grueling training, Altair can now perform the remarkable task of staying afloat in water!! He won't be winning any swimming competitions any time soon, but at least now falling into water doesn't equal instant death.


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