Altantbaatar (Dropped)

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Altantbaatar (Scenesys ID: -1)
"These people are my responsibility. By threatening them, your life is forfeit."
Full Name: Altantbaatar (Formerly Haruki)
Gender: Male
Species: Kitsune
Theme: (OC) Original
Function: The Golden Hero of Genbu
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Union (LC Last Chancer)
Groups: Last Chancers
Other Information
Physical Age: Mid-30s Actual Age: Approx. 640
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor: Benedict Cumberbatch
Height: Variable Weight: Variable
Hair Color: Variable Eye Color: White
Theme Song:


The kitsune Altantbaatar is feared as much as celebrated through the island of Azuma. Able guardian of Genbu, gateway to the realm of the dead, he is a former temple acolyte turned warrior, fiercely protective of the humans and youkai living in his domain. But for his brutality, he was stripped of his name and given the title Altantbaatar; a foreigner in his own homeland. His is a calculating and premeditating personality, frighteningly mathematical in the precision of how best to destroy his enemies. Some might consider him strange in how he views the world; or his cold, clinical calm. His hundreds of years of existence have tempered him into a weapon to be turned against all that would threaten Azuma, and he does not suffer fools or threats to what he considers his. As a warrior, Altantbaatar is skilled in the use of two-handed blades, polearms, and longbows; he also has many otherworldly abilities thanks to his heritage as a kitsune.










Dubious Reputation: Despite his reputation as an efficient protector, Altantbaatar is feared as much as respected in his home territory. His methods are unnecessarily brutal by most standards, and he will not hesitate to destroy anything he considers a threat to Genbu and its people. Thanks to this dubious reputation, it's unlikely that he can depend on reinforcements from his home world.

Eyes of the Sun: Altantbaatar's eyes blaze like the sun. Why this is, no one knows; some say he sacrificed something for great power, others say he stared at the sun in meditation too long. Whatever the case, his enemies can recognise him specifically by his blazing eyes and golden pelt; the Sun-Hero of Genbu. Furthermore, unlike real foxes, he has some difficulty seeing in the dark, blinded in low light conditions by the radiance of his own eyes.

Inhuman Morality: Kitsune and nogitsune are youkai by nature, and their morals and world views are not human. Altantbaatar is in some ways more extreme than his kin. He often cannot fathom mortals and their strange ways, and at times he can seem exceptionally cold and detached. Likewise, he is an honourable creature, bound to hold to his own word even to his own detriment. Communication can sometimes be a problem when one wants him to understand a basic concept like empathy, and at times it can be frustrating for him to deal with others in any meaningful sense.

Kagenashi: Altantbaatar has sworn to take Kagenashi's life in exchange for what she took from him by murdering his wife, and his is the single-minded pursuit of extreme obsession. He'll do anything if he thinks it gives him the advantage over her, even if it means putting himself at a significant disadvantage, sacrificing others, or abandoning what may ostensibly be his allies. If he thinks he has a reasonable opportunity to strike at her, he'll do it no matter what the cost.

Lonely: Kitsune are very sociable creatures, and they don't take well to isolation. Altantbaatar is something of a social pariah for his hardline stance against aggressive youkai and nogitsune; few of his own kind associate with him by choice, and this torments him. Although not clingy, he is often reluctant to part ways with others, and he can be very overprotective of those few he does care about. He will act in ways he think are for the good of these individuals, but the individuals themselves might not always see it the same way, leading to interpersonal... troubles.

Pride and Honour: Altantbaatar has a very strong sense of honour. He will faithfully repay any favour or good turn done him, and any promise he makes can be trusted to be seen through to fulfillment, even if he must destroy himself to do so. Possessed of divine heritage, he is also a proud creature, incredibly vengeful against any slights real or imagined. Even if he gets in over his head, he will not ask for help unless he knows he'll die without it. He'll still accept offered aid... it just can't be his idea.

Star Orb: All kitsune and nogitsune store their power in a jewel embedded under their tongues, called a Star Orb. If Altantbaatar's is removed, he'll be weakened and trapped in his fox form. He'll do anything to replace it if it's taken from him, becoming feral and violent in his desire to restore his power. Star Orbs also glow relative to their power; as Altantbaatar is a moderately powerful kitsune, it can reveal his identity as a kitsune. If he needs to conceal his nature, he may wear a mask or hood in human form.

Yuzuki: A two-tailed kitsune Altantbaatar had taken for his wife, murdered by Kagenashi, who has begun hunting kitsune for their Star Orbs and the power of their tails. Yuzuki is something of a sore subject for Altantbaatar. He was away when she was killed, and therefore unable to protect her; something he has not learned to forgive himself for. Furthermore, he still grieves for her, and her loss is still fresh on his mind; she is one of the few topics he can be drawn into a mindless rage with.


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