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Alternia is a planet similar to Earth in structure only in that life may successfully live on it; though the life on Alternia is highly alien, and it's one main race is nocturnal because of the extremely bright intensity of the sun which burns red in color. Alternia has two moons, one green, one pink. Years on Alternia are called 'Solar Sweeps', and they last for about 2.16 Earth Years, and what humans call a month is a 'Perigee'.

The main race of Alternia is a human-like species called trolls; their difference in anatomy is mostly insect-like in that they bleed in different colors (and use a hemocaste societal structure), and their young are a type of caterpillar, or 'Wiggler', which pupates into a pupa, or sub-adult; the total length of time from Wiggler to Pupa/Sub-adult is one solar sweep. Trolls reach adulthood at 10 Solar sweeps. Trolls have slightly chitinous gray skin, claws on both hands and feet, shark-like teeth which self-replicate, and horns upon their heads. They are nocturnal; their night vision is greatly enhanced, and depending on the 'blood caste' of a troll they may be gifted with greater strength, or mild psychic ability. Trolls must sleep within a substance called 'Sopor Slime' that is generated by the Mother Grub and by pupates during cocooning, to stave off their natural tendencies of violence and to dull, for at least a day's sleep, the mental instabilities they are all prone to. They are a violent race that lives and breathes war.

Once inhabited by trolls of all ages, events have in the past taken place which resulted in Alternia becoming the home planet of only the young and those deemed worthy of living on the planet among the brood caves where the Mother Grub lays her eggs, and where wigglers hatch, pupate, and then go through trials shortly after pupation. If not culled in the trials, a pupate troll is then adopted by a creature known as a lusus naturae, and the two then rise to the surface of Alternia, where building drones construct them a hive in which to live. The relationship between Lusii and their trolls is akin to that of a bodyguard, guardian, or caretaker (lusus to troll) and a zookeeper or animal tamer (troll to lusus). A troll's lusus will almost always bear the same color of blood and eyes as their patron troll.

Troll Sub-Adults are then expected as they grow to learn troll culture through school-feeding, as well as to learn how to fight, how to kill, and must create their own first weapon before they reach adulthood. At the age of 10 Sweeps, Imperial Drones of the Condesce (empress of the trolls) will land and approach those of that age and clutch for conscription to the Adult ships far off planet. Many are culled during Conscription Day, as it is called, if any abnormalities are detected, ranging from physical alterations through detected substance abuse or lack of sufficient skill in battle. Anyone who survives conscription will be eligible to pick an adult name and begin training for a proper 'job' (class) that they can work in for the rest of their natural lives, serving the Alternian Empire.

(Alternia Bound follows an Alternia bereft of the presence of the Sgrub game found in Hivebent or the presence of Sburb in Homestuck, though originates from the same source theme as both.)