Alwyn Highwind

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Alwyn Highwind (Scenesys ID: 815)
"If I could've been half as good as my father or grandfather, maybe I could've done something about the Calamity instead of watching helplessly."
Full Name: Alwyn Highwind
Gender: Male
Species: Hyur (Midlander)
Theme: (OC) Final Fantasy XIV: ARR-1
Function: Some Kind Of Jump Man
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Union (20-Ally)
Groups: Syndicate Network
Other Information
Physical Age: Mid-20's Actual Age: Mid-20's
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor: -
Height: Around 6' Weight: Standard
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Blue-Silver
Theme Song: -


A member of one of Gridania's Lancer's Guild's founding families, Alwyn Highwind is a would-be Dragoon with a hero complex. Born before the Calamity ravaged Eorzea and serving on the front lines as Bahamut emerged, he was shunted into the future alongside many other heroes in a desperate last bid to save their lives. Finding himself five or six years ahead, Alwyn must now learn the ways of Eorzea anew, the Calamity having changed it so much he can barely recognize it. Kind, well-intentioned, desperate to make friends and save people, he is an embodiment of what it means to be a Warrior of Light, sacrificing himself for the many and plunging head first into any situation where his aid is required; but despite this, the culture shock is still difficult to deal with, and Alwyn carries the weight of a family he doesn't think he can live up to. As an aspirant Dragoon, his skills in melee are nearly peerless, wielding a spear to great effect, but also enjoying the company of a small wyvern he found upon his return.



  • The Echo: A special brand upon Alwyn's soul, marking him as one of Hydaelyn's chosen champions. He is prone to visions, flashbacks and lore dumps being crammed directly into his skull as concerns his own world. The Echo also immunizes him to all forms of mind control or similar effects. Finally, Alwyn may dive into the memories of someone he touches, though this ability is not under his control and only manifests when dramatically appropriate. (Consent may be required. TP-Only Adv: during Final Fantasy XIV: ARR-1 TPs exclusively, the Echo can sustain very minor time loops, allowing Alwyn to view or participate in events from his world's past, in accordance to how it was recorded to have happened in the first place.)
  • Hydaelyn's Blessing: In times of dire need, a powerful blessing shields Alwyn from certain death and can bolster his strength and ability to tackle impossible odds. (With consent, the blessing can perfectly shield Alwyn from an attack. As a TP-Only Adv: the blessing, at the cost of being used up entirely for the fight, can accomplish such miracles as disabling a powerful dark force, like an impenetrable barrier preventing a boss from being fought.)
  • Aetheric Magic: Like others from his world, Alwyn may tap into magical power. He feels inherently magical, and may produce minor elemental effects, RPG-esque battle techniques in melee like shockwaves, energy slices, flash stepping, etc. He can enhance his body to be faster or stronger for a brief moment, and just generally do vaguely superhuman things. As a Lancer/Dragoon, he excels at manipulating the winds, able to fire larger bursts of it or small twisters from his spear.


  • Disciple of War: Alwyn is skilled with a sword, bow, axe and spear, but only truly excels with the latter two, and of those spear is his best. He can execute masterful strikes and maneuvers while navigating a sea of enemies and is generally just very good at most facets of being a melee combatant, like dodging, getting back up, etc.
  • Disciple of the Hand: Blacksmithing is Alwyn's trade, and he can forge mundane and minorly magical weapons and pieces of armor using metal. These are roughly equivalent to Masterwork or +1 pieces of equipment, and more incredible wonders require an upgrade application.
  • Disciple of the Land: One cannot blacksmith without ore and sometimes wood, and so Alwyn knows how to harvest ore from the land and how to correctly chop a tree for its lumber. He also has an innate sixth sense to detect nearby mining nodes.
  • Jump Man: As a Lancer/Dragoon, Alwyn can jump absurd, ABSURD heights, essentially disappearing from sight until he is ready to come back down atop his enemy. Naturally, he's also good at landing from ridiculous jumps or falls.
  • Dragonslayer: Though not of sufficient importance as to provide a PL boost, Alwyn has been trained to fight and kill draconic beings of all kinds. He knows where to aim to do the most damage, to give them the hardest time recovering, and to treat their great hides and scales like paper before his spear. Should the circumstances arise, he could also ride a dragon with little difficulty, as long as it were willing or otherwise subjugated into it.


  • Armoury Chest: Alwyn owns a number of minorly magical sets of armor and weapons, ranging from being able to do minor elemental effects to having sockets for Materia which increase specific stats (fluff-only). Thanks to magic, these can be accessed at roughly any time, materializing to and from thin air.
  • Adventurers' Guild: As an official adventurer and problem solver(tm), Alwyn has numerous contacts in the Adventurers' Guild which can hook him up with jobs, quests and leves both for rewards and reputation.
  • Timeworn Gae Bolg: An old spear, rusted and unremarkable, but incredibly sturdy. To a good blacksmith's eye, the legendary weapon may appear to have some worth, if the right materials to reforge it could be found, but as it is right now it is merely a family heirloom.
  • Soul Crystal: A small crystal containing the battle experience of a powerful, ancient Dragoon. Without this crystal, Alwyn cannot access some of his powers and skills. In theory he could lend it to another to grant them the abilities of a Dragoon, but only if they are deemed worthy by the crystal, and only if they are a master of the spear already.


  • Kain: A small baby wyvern capable of breathing wind and lightning at foes. It cannot fight on its own, and instead is considered part of Alwyn's PL. One day it may grow up to be a formidable companion.


  • Muh Crystal: If Alwyn's Soul Crystal is stolen, his PL is reduced to 31.
  • Up Close: Alwyn has only few options to attack a target from afar, requiring being in melee at almost all times. Though it is very difficult to keep him at range due to his ability to jump, it isn't completely impossible, and being restricted to melee most of the time can put him in harm's way more often than not.
  • Gotta Be A Hero: Typically adventurers require some form of incentive, be it money, gear or reputation rewards to really stick their necks out; not Alwyn. Though he won't turn down a pouch of gil, a new piece of armor or being looked at in a better light, he lives to be a hero, to save people, and to prove himself. Having witnessed the Calamity and feeling like he should have been able to do more to help, finding himself in this new shattered Eorzea has driven him to the extreme of this behavior, landing him in dangerous situations often, and making him unwilling to compromise when it comes to people's lives.
  • The Highwind Name: Legends tell of great, ancient Dragoons that held the name of Highwind, and slowly the family degraded, until they helped found the Lancer's Guild of Gridania. Alwyn looks up to his ancestors and parents with immense knowledge and near-worship, and consequently suffers from a severe inferiority complex, never happy with what he has or has done, comparing it to the legends and blaming himself for his lack of fame.
  • Bad Luck: Alwyn isn't the luckiest guy in the world. He tends to lose most games of chance he partakes in, often misplaces his map and compass (or brings the wrong one along), and is just generally very unlucky.
  • Jumping In The Red Circles: DO YOUR GOD DAMN JOB, HEALERS!


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Squees ensue.

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Duty: Halatali August 5th, 2015 A request to meet the Syndicate of Ul'dah by the Murasame Zaibatsu and their allies turns into an opportunity to clean the training grounds and holding pens of Ul'dah's coliseum.
Leve: Sylph-Management August 2nd, 2015 Diplomacy with the Sylph turns into dancing and fighting Garleans. This one gets tired of typing like these ones very quickly.
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