Amaterasu (Dropped)

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Amaterasu (Scenesys ID: 23)
"<Victory! Victory over the evil!>"
Full Name: Amaterasu
Gender: Female
Species: Celestial
Theme: (FC) Okami-1
Function: Wolf of the Sun
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Union (A-Ally)
Other Information
Physical Age:  ?? Actual Age:  ??
Still Aging? No Voice Actor: N/A
Height: 4' (nose to tail) Weight: 30 lbs.
Hair Color: White Eye Color: Black
Theme Song:


Once the ruler of the Celestial Plain high over her earth, Amaterasu came down to the mortal plane in the form of a wolf to help in the defeat of Orochi, an evil eight-headed serpent. While she managed to lead a human named Nagi in besting this evil creature, it cost the life of her mortal form. One hundred years later, Orochi has been released and Amaterasu's power is needed again. In this incarnation, Amaterasu is just as much wolf as she is goddess, and finds herself drawn towards the pursuits of her form. However, with the powers of the 13 Celestial Brush Gods behind her, she is no mere animal. Her brush can cause "miracles" to happen, and can even empower some humans with the strength to fight that which they could not do alone. She and her Celestial Envoy Issun, a Poncle, face the task of saving her world yet again from the powers of Ultimate Darkness. This time, however, her power is far less than what it was when she faced Orochi last time. With less power, less knowledge about her world, and the 13 Brush Gods that held her brush techniques scattered all across Nippon, can she hope to face an even greater evil than Orochi?









  • She's A Dog: Well, a wolf, actually. Even with the illusion obfuscating her true nature, she is still a VERY BIG WHITE CANINE. And even though the translation effect catches it, she's still obviously barking when she "speaks". There are going to be places she won't be able to get into because "no dogs allowed". Not only that, but she has no hands, so if she can't manipulate a tool with her mouth or her tail, she can't use it. To say nothing of people who are allergic to/afraid of dogs, can tell she's a wolf rather than a big dog... or worst of all, animal control officers who believe her to be a stray! On top of that, she can be easily pacified or distracted by a big juicy steak, or an ear-scritching, or a bellyrub.
  • Wolf Sight: Wolves lack a foveal pit (an indentation in the retina that allows for focusing on distant objects), meaning if something's too far away, Ammy can't see it clearly. She has problems seeing details on an object (a crest, markings, tattoos on a person, etc.). She's also partially colorblind because of a lack of cone receptors in her eyes, thus she has trouble distinguishing green from yellow, or orange from red.
  • Issun Dependent: Amaterasu DOES depend on Issun for quite a lot, even though he no longer needs to act as her voice. As small as he is, Issun has actual HANDS, whereas Amaterasu doesn't. And he knows quite a bit about the world (at least, their world)... information that, for some reason, Amaterasu seems to be missing. Not to mention his eye for detail is sharper than hers.
  • Decreased Power: All of the gods of (her iteration of) Nippon have lost some of their power over the years that Orochi has been imprisoned, as the human population has slowly begun to move away from the belief in gods. Thus, while she's still powerful, the incarnation of "Okami Amaterasu" is much weaker than "Shiranui", her previous incarnation who fought Orochi at Nagi's side. Unfortunately, most of those she must face are at near-full strength...
  • Dark Magic: While Amaterasu's powers are particularly effective against everything that is against what she represents, this also means that she herself is harder hit by those selfsame powers that her own powers work so well against.
  • Water: Amaterasu can swim! She can doggie-paddle with the best of them. However, her divinity is that of holy fire. And fire is put out by water. While she's in water, her energy will decrease until either she frees herself from the water or until she dies. Rain does not affect her like this, and she is able to wade in water as long as she can still touch the bottom.


Title Date Scene Summary
Suddenly Spirits June 22nd, 2014 Spirits have long been kept locked away, and now that the barriers that kept them there are collapsing, the spirits are eager for revenge...
Manehattan Madness June 20th, 2014 A familiar clown shows up in a Manehattan park and silliness ensues!


Title Date Scene Summary
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Info Files

Celestial Brush

Named after a poem written by Ishaku, Issun's grandfather, the Celestial Brush is a collection of brush stroke techniques that allow for the bearer to accomplish "magical" or "miraculous" things with calligraphy. Amaterasu uses the tip of her tail, dipped in Celestial Ink made from her divine powers, to do this. She possesses the following brush techniques, and their effects are explained here:

  • Sunrise: (kanji for "terasu" - "shine") In her world she can actually LITERALLY change night into day with this. However, in other worlds, this merely sets a sun-like orb in the sky to burn for about one minute. It emits UV, visible light on the yellow spectrum, and heat (like the sun). After one minute, it burns itself out and disappears.
  • Rejuvenation: [OOC CONSENT REQUIRED!] By "coloring over" a missing area of an object or piece of the landscape, Amaterasu can restore it to functioning order. Some of the things it has been used for are as follows: rebuilding a broken water wheel, restoring broken bridges, replacing a missing laundry-drying pole, restoring statues, and filling in areas of a damaged floor. Rejuvenation cannot restore severed limbs, missing organs, or repair a biological body, but it may be able to repair artificial bodies. [OOC CONSENT REQUIRED!]
  • Power Slash: (kanji for "zan" - "beheading", "kill") A simple brushstroke that can emulate a slash. The intent behind it is important, thus it is possible to use it on friendly non-Elites without harming them if there is no will to hurt/kill them. It can be used to cut trees and rocks, wooden structures, tall grass, etc. It can also be used to turn back projectile attacks if it's used at the right time. While it can be upgraded to do so, at present it cannot cut anything harder than marble.
  • Greensprout: A three part technique - "Bloom", "Water Lily", "Vine" collectively known as "Greensprout". Ammy has the following of these three:
Part I, "Bloom": (kanji for "saki" - "bloom") Infuses holy vitality into wilted and dead plant life by either drawing a circle around a wilted tree or drawing a line across dead soil. Areas of cursed soil up to four times Ammy's size can also be purged of minor taint; however this ability is not for the exorcising of large areas of cursed land. Demonic trees and plants can also be purged of their taint, but the plant must be subdued first. [OOC CONSENT REQUIRED!] Bloom can also be used on living beings. When used on a person, Bloom also has one of two minor effects: 1) giving the person in question a short burst of energy and vitality (5 seconds/1 pose max) or 2) causing a burst of positive feelings inside the person, generally aimed at Amaterasu. Both effects cannot be used at once, and the second has far less effect on Elites, if it even works on them at all. Neither effect works on artificial beings unless they are organic. [OOC CONSENT REQUIRED!]



  • Corvo Attano: "A strange one... where did he come from? He carries the scent of fish, though. Not rotten fish, either. If they have good fish, where he's from must not be too bad."
Scent: Not of mother. Corvo's powers come from the Void, thus he is empowered by something not of "earth", not of the land of the living, not of natural origins. Amaterasu felt no malice from him or his power though, so while she's suspicious of it, she doesn't hate it.
  • Kirito: "He has no scent. None at all. And he knows me, even though I am not of his world. It makes me just a little nervous. But I felt his resolve, and he was eager to help restore Kamiki Village. Something about it seems... familiar somehow."
Scent: No scent? Amaterasu can't exactly "smell" data. If she could, maybe it would smell like ozone? Maybe.
  • Onikaze Kenshin: "He walks with the wind as his companion. And like the one in black with wings like a sprite, he knows me. Their world has an Amaterasu as well? I wonder how we are different...?"
Scent: Child of the Wind. Besides being able to smell the fresh air that seems to surrounding Kenshin at all times, she can also feel the constant breeze and sense this aspect of nature in her world bending to his will.
  • Titus: "So big for a human! I've never seen a human so big! And with so much armor! Are they all so big where he comes from? He truly is a metal mountain of a man!"
Scent: Metal and death? At this time, Titus had apparently last been fighting a dragon! He also wears massive plate armor! Apart from that, he smells like a human. A really darn BIG human, but a human.
  • Toph: "It's amazing that someone so young should have such control over the earth. But something seems... off about her. She keeps her head down. Does not look at people. But it is not for lack of confidence or inability to hear people."
Scent: Child of the Earth. Much like Kenshin, with Toph, Amaterasu smelled the earth on the young earthbender, felt how comfortable both Toph and the earth felt with each other, and sensed the earth in her world bending to Toph's will.


  • Staren: "Very outspoken. But I do not blame him for it. I would not expect someone not of Nippon to understand the delicate balance that must be maintained... or the fact that it must indeed be maintained. It is hard for those outside to understand why there is balance, why all things cannot be all good."
Scent: ...Cat. Ammy finds it hard not to succumb to the urge to just chase Staren around in a circle. Because CAT!
  • Mizuki: "As with Staren, I cannot blame her for her words. She too is from a world much unlike Nippon, and has difficulties understanding the balance that must be struck.
Scent: Not of mother. Mizuki's "unique" origins make it difficult for Amaterasu to pinpoint a particular scent. Whatever she is, she doesn't smell normal.
  • Abe no Seimei: "Strange. He almost seems familiar. But I cannot remember from where."
Scent: Many spirits. Seimei smells a little bit like Komuso, but the "spiritual" scent is much stronger.


  • Orochi: Amaterasu's old enemy from way back, he seems to have returned to her world. But how? Who freed him? And why does his darkness feel so much stronger now?
Scent: Pure, unbridled evil. Amaterasu has no words for this.