Analogue: A Hate Story-1

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In the twenty-fourth century, humanity was facing a time of crisis.

Earth was rapidly running out of resources, and the lack of technologies like faster-than-light travel that would have allowed people to easily reach other planets simply hadn't been invented. Science was advanced enough, however, to plant the seeds of hope: many nations began to invest in 'generation ships', or massive interstellar vessels that would voyage to areas of space where habitable planets were thought to reside.

The recently unified Korea was one of the first nations on Earth to test this idea. Their ship, the Mugunghwa, was populated by select families and cast adrift in space. Captained by the seemingly infallible navigational AI *Star and the confident, charismatic master of security protocol, *Mute, the project seemed to hold such promise. 2200 years later, however, it is found drifting through the vacuum of space, completely void of life.

Why did the ship never reach its destination? What ultimately ended the lives of all its inhabitants? And why does its sole 'survivor', Mute, act like a woman from the distant past rather than the far future? Whether its past will ever be known hinges now upon the people of the Multiverse.

They are the only ones left who may finally, after so many years, bring the residents of this lost ship home to Earth.