Angel Beats-1R

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Welcome to the Afterlife, a perfectly average high school campus with a surprising twist: everyone here is dead.

Yes, this is the place where the souls of teenagers with too many lingering regrets go when they die. And it is here that their hearts will be soothed so that they can pass on... or that's how things are meant to work, anyway. And so they did until Nakamura Yuri, one of the many students, decided that she was not ready to move on. That, in retribution for the unjust life she was given, she would rebel against God. She was not the only one to think this way, and it was not long before these like-minded individuals banded together to form the SSS - The Afterlife War Front (name subject to change) - that resists 'obliteration', the erasure that comes when someone has finally found the strength to move on.

Standing in opposition to them is a lone girl, known to the members of the SSS only as 'angel'. True to her pseudonym, she is endowed with bizarre, mystical abilities that the members of the SSS conclude to be borrowed from God himself, and she tries to dissuade them from their rebellious acts at every turn. Over time, the Afterlife War Front grew to hate her as a symbol of the force that oppresses them, and this animosity inspires a variety of clandestine (and often violent) missions intended to limit Angel's control over the Afterlife School. These little skirmishes continue even now that the world has merged with the Multiverse, but what will the presence of new, rogue elements bring to this already fractured world? Will they bring peace...? Or just more chaos?