Aqua (Dropped)

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Aqua (Scenesys ID: 624)
"I don't need to remember who I am to remember I want to help."
Full Name: Aqua
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Theme: (OFC) Kingdom Hearts: Another Tale-1
Function: Wandering Knight
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Syndicate (6-Recruit)
Groups: Syndicate Network
Other Information
Physical Age: 18~20 Actual Age: 18~28
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor: Willa Holland
Height: Around 5'7" Weight: Normal
Hair Color: Blue Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:


Aqua is a Keyblade Master previously apprenticed to the late Master Eraqus. She was involved in a great struggle when another Keyblade Master, Xehanort, used fellow Keyblade wielders Terra and Ventus to forge the Key to Kingdom Hearts. Though Xehanort's plans were stopped in the short term, both of her friends were effectively lost during the conflict, and Aqua herself was trapped in the darkness between worlds. Becoming a slave to a man she met within, her memories were wiped, and she only recently broke free from his control, without being able to restore her memories. Though she cannot remember who she is, Aqua remembers she wishes to do good: to protect people, her friends, their friends, and everything they hold dear, even at great cost to herself. She remembers she's reliable, and that her greatest desire is to find two people, whose names or faces she cannot even recall. She is haunted by regret, for allowing herself to be controlled at all. As a Keyblade Master, Aqua is a dangerous foe no matter the style of combat, able to wield spells and her sword in both close and long range, while protected by a suit of armor.



  • Keyblade's Chosen: Aqua is one of the rare few able to wield a Keyblade. A Keyblade is a magical key-shaped sword. It can lock or unlock practically anything, from people to entire worlds, even if they aren't things that can usually be. The Keyblade can be recalled, summoned or unsummoned at will. It can channel magic or magic-like effects, and its sharpness varies from blunt to "skyscraper-cleaving". Keyblades are especially good at freeing things that are trapped or contained. (OOC: Consent and upgrade required to unlock people. Other usages don't usually require consent, but messing with worlds is a plot-scale event that requires admin oversight.)
  • Keyblade Glider: On top of being able to use a Keyblade, Aqua is able to transform hers into a small vehicle only large enough to carry one person, maybe two if pushing it. It is able to travel safely in most environmental hazards and with sufficient speed to make travel between worlds possible. It can be used for combat as well, being an especially agile vehicle that can fire energy blasts while the rider is free to cast offensive spells.
  • Black Magic: Offensive magic, used in sword techniques or as raw spells. Includes effects like summoning elemental blasts (fire, ice, lightning, energy, wind, earth, gravity, holy, water, etc.) which range from small (fist-sized) to large (car-sized). Status effects, like poison, blind, confuse, sleep, shrinking, petrification and such can be inflicted. It's also possible to very briefly freeze enemies in time for a few seconds, or to slow the flow of time for them for a few rounds. (Consent required for some effects.)
  • White Magic: Defensive or curative magic. Includes effects like healing (Aqua may have up to 4 points in AID) of both injuries and status effects, buffing (increasing capabilities in general, accelerating the flow of time for a target so they move faster, etc.) and creating barriers both magical and physical (typically around a person like a buff).


  • Keyblade Master: Aqua is an experienced warrior when it comes to using swords (and/or her Keyblade). Though she might not have the physical might to match a ruthless melee-dedicated warrior, she makes up for it with speed, finesse and control above all else, relying on precise, rapid hits.
  • Spellweaver: Her primary fighting style. Consists in using the Keyblade hands-free, essentially letting it hover around her both to defend and attack. It can still channel all of her magic like this, but has greater reach, and leaves both of her hands free to cast spells.
  • Ghost Drive: Her secondary fighting style. While using this style Aqua may teleport to any location within eyesight, instantly, and as often as she needs, though she cannot carry others with her or teleport past anti-teleportation measures, and it requires her Keyblade be in her hands to function. The style is primarily used to confuse foes and dart around a battlefield, delivering hit and run strikes from numerous angles, while leaving after-images behind to use as distractions.


  • Keyblade Armor: A set of armor, which protects the user both from physical threats like a suit of plate mail normally would, but also from environmental corruption or hazards (offering, on the other hand, no protection against corruption wielded by a powerful foe). While idle, the armor takes the form of simple metal plating on top of Aqua's standard clothes, but by tapping the left pauldron can instantly be turned into its full plate form, or back into its idle state. Though the armor can be called or uncalled at will, it is still a physical suit of armor that can be removed or damaged, and which will show wear and tear until physically repaired.
  • Wayfinder: A charm that allows creating bonds with friends. Once per battle, Aqua may call upon the toned down powerset of someone she has forged an emotional link with. This simplifies their powers into RPG-esque techniques (typically four or five) like sword moves or spells. Non-battle powers are not granted at all (like supernatural senses or racial traits) and some powers may be outright too unique or alien to Aqua's fighting style to carry over. In short, Dimensional Linking allows her to mimic the base abilities and fighting style of a friend using her Keyblade. (Consent required both ICly and OOCly from the person whose powers are being used before activation.)




  • Amnesia: Aqua does not remember who she is, or where she's going. She can still experience feelings of deja-vu or emotional surges related to events she can't recall, but these leave her confused more than anything else. The only memory she has is one of wandering in complete darkness until a man pulled her out and had her fight for him. She does vaguely recall a sense of heroism, a need for friendship and the strong desire to protect others, but could not say why. Due to the amnesia she acts a bit more quiet and withdrawn than originally, but threats against innocent people or friends can break her composure.
  • Stubborn and Overprotective: Even if she can't remember why she acts that way, Aqua knows that she wants to do everything in her power to shield and help those who get close to her, to the point she can become condescending in her behavior. She doesn't have a lot of interest in giving her friends a chance to prove themselves, when she could be asking them to stand back so she can handle things herself, without there being a need for them to be at risk.
  • Sullied Blade: The man who pulled Aqua out of the darkness did not simply save her, he subverted her. Crippling her ability to recall anything and implanting the fake memory of having saved her, he set her loose upon various worlds, where she was to assist the Heartless and generally get in the way of would-be heroes. Though she has mostly broken free of the man's control, seeds of him remain within her, and she loses sleep at night over some of those things.
  • Not Her Own Keyblade: The Master Keeper is not Aqua's original Keyblade and does not have as close a bond to her as a result. She can still make use of its full abilities, but when disarmed there can be delays before she can recall it, and the transformation into its Keyblade Glider takes a bit longer than it should, preventing its use on-the-fly without lowering her guard.
  • Disrepair: Aqua's Keyblade Armor is not her original suit either, but rather one she pieced together as able. It still functions quite well, but every once in a while it will either refuse to activate in a timely manner (or at all), and the armor damages more easily and takes longer to piece back together.


Title Date Scene Summary
A Black Dome In Shiva March 26th, 2015 A small dome village in Shiva is attacked by Heartless.
Bugging the Waves March 5th, 2015 Xion asks Aqua for advice and answers.
Another World December 6th, 2014 Deelel along with Kirito, Staren, Zephyr Windstar, Auron, Aqua and Reker. Go to check out a location noted in a recovered part of Deelel's memory, what they find aside from a heartless in a very bad mood, is Deelel's home world of the Grid. Thanks to Aqua's Keyblade the world was restored from whatever had locked it away and now the Grid is exposed to the Cybercore.
In Which Soan Bothers Aqua December 3rd, 2014 Soan introduces Aqua to technology and idle chatter.
Dungeon Run: Sector Three vs. Fire Bombers November 30th, 2014 Prince Landon al Cid invites basically everyone to his private box to watch one of the local professional sports events: Dungeon Run! Ensue mostly no one watching the game in favor of politics and multiversal information sharing.
Welcome to Alexander Academy November 26th, 2014 A bearer of a Keyblade wanders into Galianda's foremost academy. It's not the kind of school she expects.
Heartless Questions November 26th, 2014 RAIJIN would like to know more about the Heartless and how to fight them.
Icing on the Cake November 20th, 2014 Roxas and Xion discuss things, and are joined by Aqua after a while.
Heartless in the Boondocks November 18th, 2014 Heartless attack a remote rural community in Afterus! Oh no! (Intro scene for Aqua, Roxas and Xion.)


Title Date Scene Summary
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