Arerth Rialth

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Arerth Rialth (Scenesys ID: -1)
"You a$tound me with your di$re$pect. Know you $tand before a noble of the highe$t order and kneel, you in$ignificant pea$ant!"
Full Name: Arerth Rialth
Gender: Female
Species: Troll
Theme: (OC) Hivebent-1
Function: Sylph of Space
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Unaffiliated (X-None)
Groups: Session 412
Other Information
Physical Age: Teenager Actual Age: Teenager
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor:
Height: Teenager Weight: Teenager
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Troll
Theme Song:


ARERTH RIALTH is a troll of almost-noble blood from the planet Alternia. She was raised by a powerful guardian beast, the Kingdra (King Hydra). She took interest in both fashion and drama when she realized her rare jade blood wasn't enough to get her the respect she feels she deserves, and began masquerading in online communities as a purple-blooded troll (one of the highest ranks of nobility among trolls). She was among the players of Sgrub when Alternia was destroyed. As a Sylph of Space, Arerth has space-related magical abilities, most notably the ability to heal, but has not yet discovered their full extent. She's pretty good with a whip. Sadistic and cruel, she doesn't consider other people to be even worth her time unless their lineage says they are, which means she has no qualms whatsoever with (and often enjoys) inflicting suffering rather than mortal wounds. She typically demands respect, but rarely acts like someone who deserves it. She does consider the other trolls of her sessions as friends, but vassals might be closer. She reluctantly accepts her role as "the healer" most of the time, sitting back and helping, but there are those times when she absolutely must steal the show and does everything in her power to be the center of attention.









  • Culture Gap: Trolls aren't particularly like other humanoid species. Especially humans. Though they share a superficial shape and appearance that is semi-familiar, their lingo, social behavior, and overall society is dramatically different. Arerth just isn't going to understand the way a lot of other species act. Though she isn't above learning, she will only accept exposition from people who appear to be leaders or nobles. Also, buckets are shameful, private things that should be hidden. Why the hell do you people just keep them sitting around in the open with mops in them?
  • Jadeblooded Envy: Arerth was born with jade blood, which is rare and as close to one can get to being nobility without actually being a big name. Though this did confer to her a variety of social perks, such as the amazing Kingdra who raised her, it also causes her to have a small amount of moodswings, notably her SADISTIC streak. When angered or wronged, she will often resort to torture or other cruel means to resolve the situation. Finally, jade is not the color of blood she'd rather be. If it were up to her, her blood would be fuschia; but it is not. She pretends that she has purple blood, nonetheless, but as a result must be careful not to bleed in front of others.
  • Nocturnal & Light-Sensitive: Although not a problem on all worlds (and certainly not within Sgrub for the most part), trolls are primarily nocturnal creatures and most are pretty light-sensitive. While most worlds do not have a sun so harsh that looking at it will literally burn your eyes out, it's still a concern, and worlds of that type do still exist out in the Multiverse. Arerth herself, having jade blood, is NOT subject to this flaw, but in order to maintain appearances, has to fake having it nonetheless, which pretty much means she tends to sleep during the day anyway.
  • Speech Impediment: Arerth, like most Trolls, has a peculiar way of speaking. She replaces all 's' sounds, such as s, ss and sc, by a dollar sign '$'. This can be hard to make out vocally, but textually it is obviously much easier.


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