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Ariah (Scenesys ID: 56)
"Everything has energy; from the beating of a butterfly's wings to the detonation of an atomic bomb. The trick is learning how to harness it and turn it to your favor."
Full Name: Ariah
Gender: Female
Species: Vampire
Theme: (OC) Original
Function: Vampire Witch
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Confederacy (7-Ensign)
Other Information
Physical Age: 20 Actual Age: 115
Still Aging? No Voice Actor:
Height: 4'10" Weight: 90lbs
Hair Color: White Eye Color: Gunmetal/Purple
Theme Song:


Ariah is, at least in the ways of her world, a unique mix of vampire and mage. Usually one is trying to exterminate the other, when they're not busy fighting the rest of the horrors that exist in the shadows of the place she once called home. Ex-military and slightly time displaced, she possesses several of the advantages of a stereotypical vampire but without most of the weaknesses. Sunlight and garlic give her no pause, and she seems quite human enough if not for her icy demeanor. Despite this blessing, her dual nature finds her susceptible to both frost and fire as well as holy energy. And even with her past so far behind her, she is still haunted by the ghosts of her era and keeps them locked tight inside. Cold and reclusive, she nevertheless stands by her Confederate allies, bringing to bear her substantial magical talents on their enemies. If not in battle or service, she's most at home in solitary study, whether or not it's her own dwelling or some ancient ruin.










Shellshock: Though Ariah's healing factor prevents permanent blindness or deafness, attacks with the purpose of injuring such senses are extra effective. Her powerful hearing and vision can be overloaded by flashbangs (and other similar effects), causing more disorientation than it would be versus human-equivalent senses.

Elemental Weaknesses: A handful of elements, magical or non-magical, are particularly harmful to Ariah. Flame attacks and extreme heat will slow and even stop her regenerative abilities from working on wounds caused by them until allowed to recover. If incapacitated and left to burn, she'll be reduced to ashes. Holy energy and positive divine power that isn't of the healing variety are also highly effective. They bear the same severity and effects as flame, including hampering and halting regenerative abilities and even immolation. The lingering touch of holy water also causes intense and prolonged pain. Ice and extreme cold are a drain on Ariah's energy reserves, limiting the magnitude of her magic usage in such conditions while cold-based attacks can severely slow down her regeneration.

Blood Hunger: Ariah requires blood to survive. She is capable of consuming normal food without issue but it will not sustain her, no matter how nutricious or exotic (such as waybread). Blood packs are bland but usable in an emergency. If pushed to the extremes of hunger, her aggression levels will increase and her feeding instinct will reduce her to a berserk feral predator until the hunger is sated.

Staking: A stake to the heart will not kill her, but it will paralyze her completely until the stake is removed.

Dead Blood: Blood of the dead is extremely toxic to Ariah. Fresh corpses and other vampires are exempt, but reanimated bodies (zombies and other similar beings) or mortals deceased for longer than forty-eight hours provide the equivalent of poison. If injected or ingested, it can cause extreme discomfort and can reduce the effectiveness of or completely shut down her abilities until the substance is purged from her. Dead blood is 'processed' at an optimal rate of about 10ml an hour.

Energy Burn: There is a limit to how much energy Ariah can store within her body as well as how much she can channel through it during a short period of time. Even with her vampiric healing factor, unloading a substantial amount of energy literally burns. Her weakness to fire makes this further dangerous, as the effort of pushing so much power through herself can result in third-degree burns that are extremely slow to regenerate.

Scarred: Ariah bears scars inside and out, the outer ones remaining despite her healing factor as old wounds prior to turning. Inside, the deaths of many friends and allies over the course of her service are carried in her now-immortal memory. She comes off a bit cold due to it.


Title Date Scene Summary
= Occult Expedition July 11th, 2016 Mihk sent some Magic Ward Interns out to a desert library to get study material.

They never returned. So she's led a group of Elites to go find them.

Home Monster Movie: Doctor Gross-O's Creature Carnival May 26th, 2016 A few Confederates decide to make a home movie involving mecha and kaiju.
Hyurtarian aid in Garlemald. July 21st, 2015 Picking up the pieces after the Dravinian assault on Garlemald's capital. Mihk, Mantigora and her sidekick, Ariah and Valentha all pitch in picking out survivors from the wreckage, and treating the wounded.
Queen and Pawns June 11th, 2015 Ariah and Nine welcome Medusa back.
Elements & Arcanists: Part II March 30th, 2015 On the trail of the missing Arcanists, Mihk Lihzeh and her friends perhaps find themselves in the face of a very dark truth...
Elements & Arcanists: Part I March 9th, 2015 When Arcanists go missing, it is up to Mihk Lihzeh and her friends to figure out where they have gone too...
So Far Away From Home January 31st, 2015 The Dravanian Horde comes out once more, taking flight against a poor farmers town, and the best of the Multiverse come to match them. Though the Dravanians are not the only ones to march this day.
Meeting On An Island Home November 13th, 2014 Ariah wishes to speak with Gaius Van Baelsar a bit about Hydaelyn, but also perhaps a chance to work with him in the war.
The Grandfather of All Magic November 13th, 2014 All fragments of the original Lordsouls are required to succeed Gwyn, but Priscilla makes it her personal mission to claim Seath's first.
Salvation's Last Stand September 28th, 2014 Finale to the Hunter's Curse TP. D is ambushrescued by the Union, who attack him into becoming a good guy again.
Into Purgatorio September 10th, 2014 D leads the Confederacy in an attack upon Beli Klum's realm, Purgatorio. He aims to recapture three girls under Beli Klum's care -- vampires turned by Dracula's power. Beli musters her allies into a desperate defense, but is it enough?
WMAT 2014 Closing Ceremonies August 24th, 2014 Closing ceremonies for the 2014 World Martial Arts Tournament.
The Rising Black Sun August 20th, 2014 Kagenashi sets out to steal enough power for her fifth tail, but things don't go exactly as planned.
WMAT BF Corvo vs. Homura vs. Ariah August 12th, 2014 The semi-finals of Bracket B between Corvo and Homura get interrupted by Ariah, and a three-way finals match occurs instead!
WMAT B4 Karian vs. Ariah August 5th, 2014 WMAT quarter-finals match between Ariah and Karian Icefang.
WMAT B3 Jericho Hawke vs. Ariah July 18th, 2014 WMAT Round 3 fight between Jericho Hawke and Ariah!
WMAT B2 Ariah vs. Lunessa July 8th, 2014 WMAT Ariah vs. Lunessa
Parts 1: Tank You! June 29th, 2014 The Confederates enact a plot to steal a Razorback APC from the Imperium of Man.
Confederate War Council 062414 June 24th, 2014 The Confederacy meets to discuss current activities and future plans.
WMAT B1 Saber of Silver vs. Ariah June 23rd, 2014 It's a battle of two silver-haired girls in B bracket! Come see the mysterious Ariah fighting the mysterious Saber of Silver!


Title Date Scene Summary
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