Ashen Remnant (Dropped)

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Ashen Remnant (Scenesys ID: -1)
"I exist as a living weapon of ShinRa. If you stand in our way, know what it means to defy a Remnant!"
Full Name: 0X600-AR32 "Ashen Remnant"
Gender: Male
Species: Guardian
Theme: (OC) Final Fantasy 7-2
Function: Living Weapon
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Confederacy (1-Private)
Other Information
Physical Age: Middle Age Actual Age: Middle Age
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor:
Height: 3'2" Weight: 668 lbs
Hair Color: Grey Eye Color: Cameras?
Theme Song:


Designation 0X600-AR32, service name "Ashen Remnant," is a living weapon created in the laboratories of ShinRa's Science Research Division. An imperfect clone of Red XIII's genetic material, he closely resembles one of Cosmo Canyon's bestial guardians, but extensive cybernetic modifications leave him in a limbo between the artificial and the biological. His mind is twisted and broken, augmented by a number of powerful computer subsystems, used to fine-tune his personality and engender absolute loyalty to the Confederacy and ShinRa. Ashen's programming is unstable in some regards. He can be prone to unfortunate side effects like periods of laughing insanity, but for the most part he can be counted on to be a most loyal and destruction-prone servant of the Confederacy.









Bestial Senses
Having a biological base in something inhuman has its benefits, but there are also drawbacks. Such keen hearing and olfactory senses can mean oversensitivity in the wrong situations, prone to damage under overwhelming stimuli. Loud noises can hurt Ashen's ears or temporarily deafen him. Strong smells can "jam" his sense of smell, overwhelming or confusing him if he's trying to track something. Inhaling any sort of strong pepper can also ruin his day, burning his nasal passages and throat.
Cybernetic Enhancement
Despite overwhelming advantages through science, Ashen Remnant can't maintain his body's systems by himself. He has to return to Confederate or ShinRa facilities every so often for maintenance and repair or he begins to fall into disrepair. Having a limb suddenly freeze up when he needs it can be a terrible inconvenience. If neglected too long, it's possible that his body may literally start to fall apart.
To that end, anything with an electromagnetic signature may be disruptive to his systems. The computerized subsystems that make up half his brain are safeguarded through heavy shielding, but the motor functions that power his skeletal frame can be compromised. Electromagic pulses will paralyze him like a string-cut puppet, paralyzing him... much to his irritation.
Ashen's biological systems haven't been perfected, either. The lightning materia installed in his left eye socket helps to mitigate some of his energy demands, but he still has to eat ravenously just to function. He must have a single daily meal to function well, and he tends to get cranky if he's forced to work on less. He won't die of starvation, and in fact physically can't, but the longer he goes without food, the less tractable he's going to be.
As one of ShinRa's pet projects, Ashen Remnant is ultimately an experiment in half a dozen different fields, all rolled up into one terrible package. He's considered functional, but not all of his subsystems were optimized or fully tested. He can suffer from occasional malfunctions, causing partial paralysis or cripplingly limited range of motion.
Furthermore, the computerized components of his brain are also prone to occasional glitches. Three of the most common manifestations include periods of laughing insanity, "gaps" in logic or memory that require mistaken protocols to access, or mild stuttering.
Flame Tail
Like his genetic base, Ashen Remnant's tail is perpetually on fire. It's a scientific mystery, since it doesn't hurt him and never seems to go out. The visual effect is neat, but Ashen has to be careful with it. Setting things like the headquarters building on fire would be a Very Bad Idea.
Though difficult to do, it's possible for hackers to target Ashen Remnant's computer systems. ShinRa planned for this scenario, implementing several safeties into his design. His brain is hypersensitive to attack, able to react instinctively to perceived threats. If a hostile force gains control of him, Ashen's body is programmed to transmite a massive electrical overload and force him to shut down completely. His systems lock as well, and only ShinRa can bypass the permissions needed to revive him and minimize the damage.
While his brain is capable of processing incredible amounts of data, most of this functionality is "locked" to prevent his computer systems from overloading. To access it, Ashen must send a request to ShinRa before he can plumb the frightening depths of his knowledge; but he can't do this if he's unable to send any transmissions from a location.
Hidden behind the camera housings of Ashen's left eye is a lightning materia, wired into the systems that govern his body. It's used as a secondary power source, mitigating the tremendous energy demands of his body's exoskeletal augmentation. Ashen can still function, but without it, his performance suffers terribly.


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