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There is a legend, of a world that once existed, where temporary existences known as the Living once dwelled. By their own foolishness and aggression, they waged a war upon themselves that emptied the world of their kind. Now, all that exists is Lumiere.

Lumiere is a realm at the apex of the Underworld, the candelabra beneath the World of Ashes that lies above. Only the Dead dwell here. If legends are true, all the temporary existences of the Living have become the new denizens of the Underworld, filling the lower realms beyond their capacity with the Unlit. Lightless souls who die and die and never understand why... The Unlit know only aggression, fear, and hunger, like the Living they are said to be spawned from.

But some among the Unlit arise with some small spark of light within them. They climb the impossible distance of Lumiere's base and find their way onto one of the Planes. And it is there that their story begins. For as they feast upon the denizens who share the Planes with them, they gain Dead Lights. And that power helps them to become aware once more... And an aware Unlit has only one recourse: To become Lit with their stolen power, and start their journey up to see the World of Ashes for themselves...