Ashurel Cloudbank

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Ashurel Cloudbank (Scenesys ID: 1031)
"Please understand that it's nothing personal. I simply believe the benefits of the research outweigh the short-term losses."
Full Name: Ashurel Cloudbank
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Theme: (FC) Original
Function: Rogue Scholar
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Confederacy (A-Ally)
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A woman with a cheery disposition, by most accounts Ashurel Cloudbank appears to be an unimposing figure. However, her bright and sunny exterior belies an incredible level of magical genius and an almost sociopathic disregard for human life when weighed against her research. Few know her actual origin, but she joined the Confederacy for the purposes of furthering her research into magical theory and spellcraft. Transferring into the active roster of forces, she now seeks to move from a desk job into field research where she hopes to fill her grimoire with new spells and applied magical theory. A cunning mind and a ruthless determination make her a somewhat dangerous individual to go up against, while a sunny disposition makes her almost deceptively friendly.










Analytic Metamagic: The weakness of Analytic Metamagic is that it requires research to reproduce effects and abilities, with the uniqueness of the ability drastically skewing the research time. While Ashurel can quickly study and reproduce an ability such as 'a big fireball' with minimal research time, the research time drastically increases the more esoteric an ability becomes. Her strength in learning lies in bypassing casual observation with more in-depth research, so when this is denied to her or she is not allowed the proper materials, she is incapable of using her unique ability. Additionally, some abilities will be so different from conventional wizardry or unique in nature that she cannot replicate them.

Anti-Magic Vulnerability: The greatest bane to Ashurel Cloudbank is the deployment of magic countering or dampening abilities. Depending on the intensity of the ability targeting her, the effects of such a thing are varied. At the most basic level, she will begin to lose effect from her self-buffing abilities. As intensity or exposure increases, such things can also dampen her spellcasting, lose her access to her more intense abilities, and eventually lock out her magic entirely until the effect is ceased. (PL reduction depending on severity.)

Bibliodependancy: Ashurel's spellbooks are important to her and none more than the Cloudbank Grimoire. If the Cloudbank Grimoire were ever taken or destroyed, it would take months for her to gather and transcribe a new one from the fragments and backup notes she keeps in dozens of other books. Not only does this mean that taking whatever spellbook she has with her means she can't change her prepared spells until she returns somewhere she can study a new tome, it also means that attacking her main Grimoire is a fast way to throw her into a complete panic.

Weak and Squishy: Underneath the wealth of enhancing items and the layers of magical buffs, Ashurel is a completely normal human woman. Slightly more durable due to training and general veterancy as a wizard, but not at all on the level of a highly-capable combatant when deprived of her magic, her armor, and her items. Catching her off guard or without these things is almost an assured victory.

Sociopath: Ashurel is a sociopath. She does not understand most conventional concepts of empathy, she has little consideration for the people around her, and most social interaction is regarded as a series of manipulations to get what she wants. Because of this lack of connection to other people, when discussions or situations don't lead to her getting what she wants she can get agitated. She also has issues with things like boundaries and what is socially acceptable to talk about with other people. Her mood and attitude can also change drastically depending on whether she's getting what she wants out of a conversation.

Ailurophobia: The persistent, irrational fear of cats. For personal reasons related to her childhood, Ashurel is incredibly uncomfortable around cats. The presence of one makes her incredibly uneasy and she will generally assume it is going to attack her. Any perceived aggression can provoke a wildly disproportionate response.

Research Obsessed: Ashurel's first and most driving desire is to further her research and increase her magical knowledge. Because of this, most people around her are of secondary importance. Tempting enough information can cause her to neglect her duty, though this is rare. Less rare, however, is her putting the well-being of those around her below the advancement or obtaining of knowledge to pad out her grimoires with.


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