Assassin's Creed: The Untouchables-1R

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The year is 1929 and Prohibition is in full swing. Since its establishment in 1920, the outlaw of the consumption and sale of all alcohol in US Borders has given rise to a booming industry in the form illegal distilleries and speakeasies. The men chosen to enforce this law are members of the Bureau of Prohibition, and have the legal authority to operate around the US in the enforcement of the law.

This story takes place in Chicago, a city flooded with alcohol and under the corrupt grasp of Al Capone. Alcohol flows as freely as violence, and anyone who goes against Capone's word is brutally and mysteriously killed. Eliot Ness, an agent of the Bureau of Prohibition, has been dispatched to the city with a group of his agents to try to sieze back safety for the citizens and enforce the law.

However, Capone is not keen on his operations being destructed, and soon outright war may wage in the street. Can the law be enforced against a man so powerful that he has purchased large portions of the police force?