Assassin (Dropped)

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Assassin (Scenesys ID: 614)
There is nothing more beautiful than the moment of death.
Full Name: Assassin
Gender: Neutral
Species: Heroic Spirit
Theme: (OC) Fate/Stay Night-4
Function: Grim Reaper
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Unaffiliated (N/A)
Other Information
Physical Age: Varies Actual Age: Less Than One Year
Still Aging? No Voice Actor: Varies
Height: Varies Weight: Varies
Hair Color: Varies Eye Color: Varies
Theme Song:


For as long as humankind has feared Death, they have given it a face. They gave it many names, to lessen their fear - to imagine that it is a creature like them, with needs, emotions, and feelings. They have dreamed that Death might be bargained with, tricked with, fought, outwitted. And the most well-known of those names, the personification the whole of the Western World knows, is the Grim Reaper: the black-clad skeleton with its terrible reaping scythe. Now, in the Great Grail War, that personification has been brought into existence by the power of the Grail as the Servant Assassin. Paradoxically, the Grim Reaper has no desire to fulfill its function as an Assassin. The bizarre and alien Servant is instead a bon vivant of the highest order, immersing itself in all the vagaries of existence with a zealous and mismatched cheer. Assassin explores the world with powerful stealth abilities and its magic scythe, cloak, and mount, using the tools of death as it attempts to understand and interact with its essential opposite: life. Because it is a messenger and a guide, and not a fighter, Assassin tends to avoid direct confrontation, where it is weakest, and employs the ambush tactics and stealth abilities of its class when it is forced to fight.










PRANA REQUIREMENTS: Assassin needs constant influx of prana to continue existing. A Master is the most efficient means of providing this influx. Use of Noble Phantasms beyond Azrael and Charon requires a Master. Should Assassin run out of prana, it has a very short time to find a new Master - approximately three days, assuming it can linger in a graveyard or hospital for that full period. With no access to a place of death, Assassin has at best hours to find a new Master.

COMMAND SPELLS: Once Assassin makes a contract with a Master, that Master has three absolute orders it can inflict upon Assassin, which Assassin must obey. The only exception is an order of suicide - Assassin’s will to live is its purpose for being, and thus, Assassin will never obey an order to self-terminate. These Command Spells take the form of seals upon the Master’s body, usually the right arm. The Spells are massive concentrations of prana, which, once used to give Assassin an order, disappear. Once the last one is used up, Assassin will require a new Master, or an immediate source of prana, or it will cease to exist. Further Spells could be acquired by physically removing them from masters and grafting them onto the current master's body, but such an act is extremely difficult.

THE SHROUDED END: Assassin cannot use both Azrael and Momento Mori at the same time. Additionally, Momento Mori does not function against enemies that have no “fear”, nor does it function against creatures that are immortal or fundamentally lack a concept of death.

ALL THINGS DIE ALONE: The ability boost from Momento Mori only applies against the original target of Momento Mori. Additional opponents are not affected, and treat Assassin as if it was a typical member of the Assassin class - unsuited for direct battle against anything much better than a normal human being. Finally, the opponent affected by Momento Mori always knows where Assassin is, and cannot be affected by Presence Concealment until Momento Mori is removed.

ALIEN: The Grim Reaper is not a person. It is a story given life by the power of the Holy Grail, applied to a spirit with sufficiently lacking identity to fit the mold necessary. It has no concept of morality, nor any true understanding of emotions. It is contrary and naive, and will believe most anything it is told, as it has no experience with the world. This should not be mistaken for sociopathy, however - at heart, Assassin is capable of great kindness or great evil, because it is fundamentally a personification of Death, not Death itself.

ASSASSIN: The Assassin class is terrible at fighting, instead receiving powerful stealth capabilities and one-shot one-kill Noble Phantasms to enable them to finish fights before they begin. Because of the Grim Reaper’s nature as a bringer of relief as well as terror, the Grim Reaper lacks even a one-shot one-kill Noble Phantasm, making it weaker than the average assassin. Only its Momento Mori ability allows it to compete with its enemies on even ground - and even then, only even ground and no more.


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A Report To The Clock Tower (Aoko Aozaki) November 8th, 2014 Aoko shows her Servant off to the Association.