Assassin of Brown (Dropped)

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Assassin of Brown (Scenesys ID: 832)
When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.
Full Name: Sherlock Holmes
Gender: Male
Species: Servant
Theme: (OC) Fate/Imago-1
Function: Assassin
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Unaffiliated (N/A)
Other Information
Physical Age: 37 Actual Age:
Still Aging? No Voice Actor:
Height: Weight:
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song:


Assassin of Brown is a Servant summoned to participate in the D.C. Grail War. He is an older gentleman who alternates between periods of manic excitement and almost sullen quietness. Always observing and learning, Assassin investigates the world around him to increase his understanding. As an Assassin, he is more adept at subtler actions than overt ones, utilizing an ability to disguise himself to get in close, learn about targets, and then eliminate them (mostly by poisoning). He is more well-suited to eliminating Masters rather than Servants, and one aspect of his Noble Phantasm grants him a companion with an anti-Master Noble Phantasm of his own. By using a powerful Bounded Field as his own Noble Phantasm, Assassin of Brown can set up an environment where separating Master and Servant is more viable, as well. Neither Assassin nor his co-Servant are renowned for their fighting prowess (nor is their Class), so they do poorly in direct combat. Assassin's Master is willing to kill for her goals. Assassin is not. The strained relationship between the two Servants and their Master is a dangerous for a Grail War.










COMMAND SPELL DRAWBACKS: The power of Command Seals is offset by a hefty drawback. Masters receive just three Command Spells, and barring special circumstances, have to make them last throughout the whole war. Thus, Command Spells are trump cards, last resorts to be saved for the most dire situations, as many Servants won't obey Masters without any Command Spells. Further, using a Command Spell to force a Servant to do something is bound to have a negative effect on the relationship between Servant and Master. Heroes don't like to be cowed.

FLIMSY: Assassins are not generally very durable, and Assassin of Brown is no different. As a Servant and as a practitioner of self-defense martial arts, he is a far sight better than a normal human being, but his superhuman physical abilities are better suited to evasion and redirection than taking hits, and if he DOES get hit, he's going to be in poor shape. Fighting other Servants head-on is particularly a bad situation to be in.

NON-IDEAL ASSASSIN: When it comes to gathering information, observing from concealment, and finding the ideal moment and circumstances to get close to a Master to eliminate them, Assassin of Brown is one of the best choices possible. Unfortunately, he is not a killer by nature, and is thus reluctant to actually carry out the assassinations. Forcing him to kill other Masters will not go over well with him, and if he is strongly opposed he may require his Master to use a Command Spell (which may, in turn, sacrifice that perfect moment due to the delay involved in commanding him). An Assassin who is reluctant to kill outside of the clear necessity of self-defense (and even then preferring escape or diplomacy as options) is not a very good Assassin.

PERSONAL FLAWS: Assassin of Brown is a good man but he has his vices and problems. He smokes heavily, he is prone to fits of depression and moodiness that have him quiet for days, he may feel compelled to play the violin at odd times, and his erratic behavior can make it difficult for others to get along with him. He has been observed as being 'the type of person who might put a pinch of some new animal-derived toxin into a friend's drink as part of an experiment. Not out of malice, but so that he can be certain of the extent of the effects in practice rather than in theory'. On the other hand, he'd be just as likely to take the toxin himself. His scientific curiosity is insatiable, he is always after more knowledge and deeper understanding, and scoffs at those who urge moderation or hang their hopes and dreams on traditions. He pays very close attention to his personal cleanliness, preferring to remain bathed, neat, and orderly as much as possible, but leaves his environment in disarray. He has a method to his madness... It's just a rather haphazard one.


Title Date Scene Summary
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