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In the interest of lightening application processing strictness, MCM has updated its audit policy. Core to this policy should be the understanding that your approved content is not sacred, and once-approved doesn't mean always or interminably approved. Approved characters may be subject to audits for a variety of reasons, a non-comprehensive list of which can be found below.

Honest Mistakes: If you forget something in the application process, it's a pretty simple request to get it fixed in post-approval. This might be a forgotten advantage, missing background information, etc. Fast-tracked fixes like this are time-limited to shortly after your approval, in most cases.

Policy Adjustment: A policy adjustment audit occurs when the MUSH's existing ruleset ceases to allow certain advantages, or changes the rules under which such advantages operate. All PCs who have such advantages are simply required to comply with current policy, which usually just involves adhering to the new rules regardless of what your current +adv say. A good example of this is Power Copy, which didn't demand an +adv update up front but did demand compliance.

Traps of Ignorance: Because we allow a large amount of variety and extremely quick-and-dirty integration of new source materials, staff is frequently ignorant of content that is being applied for. Sometimes applicants are themselves ignorant of the same, and on rare occasion somebody has been deliberately deceitful. Staff reserves the right to adjust characters and themes that are approved from a position of ignorance, particularly if that ignorance lead to the character(s) or theme(s) being granted undue advantage or otherwise being abusive.

Disciplinary: A disciplinary audit occurs when someone is abusive with their character's approved advantages. Examples include using advantages that were explicitly denied in the upgrade process, and a very versatile character making a habit of flaunting their ability to have Everybody's Schtick at every opportunity.