Audrey Stormfist

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Audrey Stormfist (Scenesys ID: 652)
"What is the point of a family heritage if it dictates your future as well?"
Full Name: Audrey Stormfist
Gender: Female
Species: Human (Ramuha)
Theme: (OC) Final Fantasy: Act: Class-1
Function: KIRIN Security Supervisor
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Confederacy (Wraith)
Groups: Alexander Academy, Murasame Zaibatsu
Other Information
Physical Age: 17-18 Actual Age: 17-18
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor:
Height: 5'6"ish Weight: Regular
Hair Color: Blonde (dyed black) Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:


Audrey Stormfist is the second youngest heir of the Stormfist family of Ramuhan Monks; she forsook the name and heritage at a young age to pursue instead her love of technology and all manners of martial combat, not merely the way of the fist. She operated under an alias for the longest time, but recently shed it upon reaching legal independence. Having been given her chance to pursue her dreams instead of life as a martial artist by the Murasame Zaibatsu, she grew up and developed a significant loyalty to the company, and its methods as well as her circumstances allowed her to become something of an ideal soldier for it. Cold and professional, Audrey is half-teenager half-rank and file soldier. Her main priority at any given time is the well-being of the Zaibatsu, its interests, and its profit margin. She nonetheless has several hobbies (namely the competitive bloodsports of Galianda) and a sense of curiosity for the Multiverse. Undyingly loyal to Souji Murasame, a great many of her actions can jokingly be paraphrased as "I hope senpai notices me". Her Heritor training makes her deadly with most of any weapon, but the fact she hasn't abandoned her Monk practices makes her just as dangerous when unarmed.



HERITOR: Audrey's primary Job is Heritor. Heritors have a wide array of skills available to them which combine physical damage with status effects (such as slow, paralysis, petrification, confusion, sleep, and other assorted debuffs), and which vary depending on the weapon being used. Heritor skills are always non-elemental and can sometimes deliver melee strikes at a distance. Heritor skills cannot be taught through regular training, and instead reside inside weapons: it is by using these weapons that the Heritor masters the skills and gains access to them permanently. (With consent, Audrey may learn new skills from magical weapons found which have effects inside of them, essentially integrating them into herself. Significant additions to her powerset require an upgrade application to use beyond the scene they are found in. Inflicting stuff like status effects can require OOC consent.)

MONK: Audrey's secondary Job is Monk. While she is unarmed, she may use skills that come down to supernatural, rapid martial arts, delivering lightning-fast flurries of blows, a whirlwind that strikes all nearby opponents, or more magical effects like being able to send blasts of non-elemental magic out like a ranged punch, the ability to cause significant harm to undead creatures, or blows that inflict holy/light damage or dark damage. The Monk Job also grants access to self-regeneration abilities (represented as higher endurance).

CHILD OF RAMUH: Audrey has the racial ability to sense changes in barometric and electrostatic pressure as well as climate and weather changes. This skill can be applied more practically through the fact it allows, while in an environment with air, for someone with training to detect the presence of others around them, barring them having the ability to hide.


HERITOR TRAINING: Includes the ability to use almost any weapon at least decently well. Audrey is a jack of all trades and a master of none (exception being her fists), able to pick up, use and effectively fight with almost anything, but unable to beat a master in a pure contest using nothing but such.

MONK TRAINING: Includes martial arts, self-discipline, extraordinary willpower and other assorted benefits typically associated with being a martial artist. Audrey may use her feet as well as her hands, has good reflexes, and can even use some of her Heritor weapons to perform Monk techniques, but only small, one-handed weapons qualify for that, like short swords, daggers or fist weapons.

MURASAME ZAIBATSU SECURITY TRAINING: Includes bodyguarding, basic security guard skills, hitman training and other assorted things associated with professional security detail and bounty hunting.


INVENTORY: Audrey's jacket is able to store large amounts of objects in it like the traditional inventory of any RPG protagonist. She typically carries potions and various adventure-related objects (a tent, sleeping bag, torches, etc.) but also an impressive quantity of weapons, most mundane, some magical. These weapons are rarely exceptional or even powerful, at best granting minor elemental effects or the ability to inflict status effects as detailed in her Heritor power. She also carries her phone, personal computer, and other quality of life gadgets and toys. The jacket is sufficiently resistant to harm that it will never be fully destroyed, but even if it were, her inventory is linked across several spares she keeps at home.

THE STORMFISTS: Audrey's signature weapons and a custom Murasame design. The Stormfists are sleek technological-looking gloves that go up to her shoulders and sync with her body. Their primary use outside combat is the ability to interact directly with compatible technology by touch (this does not allow hacking or illegal access, merely instantaneous regular access). The gloves also double as computers, although without an AI. In combat the gloves have hidden barrels capable of loading many different types of ammunition (magical or not, typically limited to minor elemental effects or energy blasts) which can also enhance melee strikes by firing simultaneously. Per their name, the Stormfists excel in harnessing and firing electrical charges as well.


MURASAME SECURITY: As a member of KIRIN, Audrey enjoys command of trained and equipped high-tech military security forces. Using magitechnological systems to maintain the peace, they provide surveillance, intruder protection and threat negation to their clients. A typical patrol (PL26) consists of armored troops with assault rifles and blades. A higher priority area can field drones (PL28) with shock systems and vehicle weaponry. Top priority deployment consists in a specialized task force (PL30) with advanced (sometimes focused for the task at hand) weapons, heavy combat drones and thick armoring.


STRICT: Audrey can be a bit of a sour, no-nonsense sort of person. She has hobbies and topics she enjoys discussing more than others (namely technology) but most of the time she's direct and cuts to the chase. She doesn't hate chatter, she just hates wasting time.

SHADY JOB: Working for the KIRIN branch of the Zaibatsu's security forces means working for the highest bidder. If someone can affort KIRIN's services it doesn't matter what they want done, it'll be carried out. Nothing personal about it. That's her job. On the other hand it means she has a bad reputation in her world (or at least the reputation of someone who will kill for money).

BLIND LOYALTY: Regardless of its dealings, Audrey is blindly loyal to the Murasame Zaibatsu and would give her life for it. She is not "evil" per se but she is definitely on the wrong side of the moral fence and capable of doing monstrous things without batting an eyelash.

BE THE BEST (FOR SOUJI-SENPAI): If there is one thing Audrey is dedicated towards above all it is making sure she is the best soldier Souji can ask for. One-sided love or obsession for the person in charge of the corporation that gave her an escape when she needed it, it doesn't matter, she strives to impress him, and to cover up her mistakes from him.

MELEE SPECIALIST: Though some of her melee strikes have range, Audrey remains a melee specialist. An opponent able to account for her limited repertoire of ranged attacks, and able to outdo her significant ability to close gaps and move on a battlefield, would be at an advantage.

TECHNOLOGY!: Audrey is a technology addict. She can't spend more than a few hours without a working internet connection, and separated from her toys she would start being unstable.


Title Date Scene Summary
The Gold Saucer Charity Festival! December 24th, 2015 A charity festival for the Junkyard is held on the moon of Chocobo. Fun, festivities, and lots of chocobo discussion are to be had.
WoS: Cold Storage October 23rd, 2015 The forces of Harald Wolf-Lord have collapsed, leaving him vulnerable in his place of power. Those who have stepped forth to put an end to the madman have come... and discover as many new questions as they have answers.
TGR: Everyone's gone! October 11th, 2015 The intro to The Grimsangue's Rise TP! Sanary's hometown was devoid of human life (but the pigs were fine), so she called people in to help look into it. They found a few clues pointing to the Grimleal being in the village, people being buried alive, and people possibly being dragged out of the village. Then a boatload of zombies, skeletons, and undead dogs started popping out of everywhere since the border village was apparently built on top of a battlefield, and it was eventually turned into a crater to prevent the dead from being desecrated any further.
WoS: Cold War September 4th, 2015 The Ramuh/Shivan War has been in a stalemate for nearly two months. Border skirmishes have yet to blossom into a decisive victory, and the Ramuhan army holds the line against the Shivan Confederacy. Blood soaks the snow of Shiva as a war that should've been short becomes a war of attrition.

Harald Wolf-Lord knows he is losing. He turns to his advisors with a plan forged of desperation, heresy, and brutality.

Dungeon: The Forbidden Wing August 30th, 2015 A team of intrepid students have discovered that the Forbidden Wing of the Kramer Memorial Library is more than just a rumor. What lies beneath Alexander Academy, and what do they seek to protect from curious students?
The Purification Rite August 7th, 2015 Sensing an overflow of evil from a certain location, a single priestess makes the journey to ultimately purge those who should not be from this world. She didn't expect that she would have help however.
Rollin' and Scratchin' June 16th, 2015 Kyra invites her friends (and then some) to come to her musical club gig in Ramuh. Religious fanatics, unfortunately, completely ruin the experience.
WoS: Cold Front - The Guns of Shiva June 8th, 2015 The Shivan Confederacy needs to breach the walls of the Domepolis of Myridia, Many fight alongside them to augment their power for their own purposes.
Hunting Traitors On A Moon Base June 5th, 2015 Audrey Stormfist, on behalf of the Murasame Zaibatsu, leads a raid against the AMATERASU lunar mining facility to claim the bounty on Juno Eclipse and Galen Marek.
To Redefine One's Future May 23rd, 2015 Sanary and Audrey discuss many, many things.
Bandits vs. Farmers April 7th, 2015 Way too many bandits have arrived at a village on the border of Plegia and Ylisse! Only a force of unnecessarily powerful heroes and not-even-close-to-heroes can put a stop to this.
Like a Hurricane April 3rd, 2015 A casual and friendly interaction between Kyra and Audrey lures onlookers.
INDUSTRIAL ESPIONAGE March 19th, 2015 Alexis Maaka has finally found the team necessary to get her little warpath going, and the Izunagi Zaibatsu gets its first kick in the teeth in decades from a serious enemy force.
Future Vision March 1st, 2015 Sanary is called to Soujis office with Audrey Stormfiest to provide her with a very special opportunity...
Davina vs Goliathia February 27th, 2015 Kaede and Audrey face off over a disagreement on the Broadband.
Weapons for the Blind February 23rd, 2015 Sanary seeks to broaden her experience with weapons, Audrey offers options.
A Meeting with Oinari January 16th, 2015 The Union and allies enter Takamagahara to meet with Oinari on the subject of Kagenashi and the troubles spreading over Azuma.
The Dungeon of Mystery January 12th, 2015 A mysterious dungeon between worlds awaits exploration and adventure. What secrets await within? Our intrepid explorers endeavor to find out!
Day Of Promised Victory December 31st, 2014 oh my god giant party
The Shadows of The Sectors December 14th, 2014 All is far from peaceful in the world of Galianda. The desperate, the dispossessed, and the angry sometimes strike violently and without warning at those they believe are responsible for their state. These people claim none as their master but Chaos.
Rank C Dungeon Qualification Trial: Sky Ruins December 11th, 2014 All of Galianda is watching as the first Dungeon License Qualification Trial open to extraversals is held. Three teams compete in a devious and unusual dungeon in order to win the right to explore dangerous areas of Galianda.
The Days' Off Festival December 8th, 2014 An informal festival is held at the Odindome, and everyone is invited to attend! However, a conflict brews over the disposition of cookies...


Title Date Scene Summary
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