Awakenings (Elliana Fairchild)

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Awakenings (Elliana Fairchild)
Date of Cutscene: 08 June 2013
Location: In Dreams
Synopsis: Trapped in a dream of a better time, Elliana finds an artifact from beyond her world... sent through the veil by an old enemy.
Cast of Characters: Duet Fortuna
Tinyplot: Wrathborn

"Elliana? Are you sleeping in again?"

"Mmmn..." The blonde girl sighs, her pillow soft and warm. With a soft yawn, she rubs at her eyes and tries to remember... what was that dream? It was... strange. It felt kind of scary. Strange images... slipping away. Why could she never remember the strange dreams?

Oh well. The young girl of nine years shakes her head, tossing golden hair about before pulling it back, sitting up in bed. "Coming, mother!"

A clatter sounds as she slides out of the luxurious bed, making her stop and look down. That's strange, she didn't keep anything on the nightstand, and she felt her foot bump something hard and cool. And the object below was... nothing like anything she'd ever seen.

Silently, the child kneels down and lifts the heavy, L-shaped object, looking at the arcane lettering and image on the side. The image she knew... a stallion rampant. Heraldry was something she was very good at, and the term was easy. The lettering was alien, yet somehow she felt herself forming the letters and words with her lips.

"Colt Pee Tee Eff Aaa Emm Eff Gee Coh. Hartford, See Tee You Ess Ay."

Where had this come from? She only ponders this a moment before her mother calls again, and with a hurried look about, she opens the nightstand drawer and shoves it inside, in that blank space behind where she sometimes hid things. Private things.

"I'm coming!" The girl calls that out as she hurries out to meet the maid, resolving to investigate further later. After the party tonight.