BRS (Dropped)

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BRS (Scenesys ID: -1)
"Are you my enemy too?"
Full Name: Stella, Black*Rock Shooter
Gender: Female
Species: Gray
Theme: (FC) Black Rock Shooter-2R
Function: Humanity's Superweapon
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Union (A-Ally)
Groups: Heaven or Hell
Other Information
Physical Age: ~17 Actual Age: ~17
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor: Maaya Sakamoto
Height: Short Weight: Light
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: FLAMING BLUE
Theme Song:


Perfect cloning technology was a far off dream on this Earth until the fifteen Apostles invaded. The ruthless aliens decimated the planet, forcing the military to invest in the making of supersoldiers. Many generations of clones were made, all suffering from critical memory defects. BRS, or Stella, is the final project of Dr. Wyler Gibson, head researcher in the cloning field, in his attempts to create a perfect human clone, made in part using the technology of the invading aliens to create a supersoldier capable of fighting back. Though she was modeled after Sing Love, a popular idol singer who disappeared shortly after the invasions began, her body goes beyond the peak of human capabilities. As she spent very little time awake in the sixteen years it took for her to physically mature, she only has vague memories of the doctor's messages for the future, or herself. As personalities go BRS could not be more of a blank slate, having no defined behavior to speak of other than a base level of curiosity and survival instincts. As she interacts with people, however, she sponges parts of their personalities for her own use while trying to figure out who she really is. BRS makes use of her superior speed to win, while her weapons, the Rock Cannon and the Black Blade, are able to change into almost any other physical weapon she can imagine to deliver special attacks.









  • "Suit Dependance": If BRS is caught not wearing either of her suits of armor, her threat level greatly diminishes. (PL 34->30)
  • "Mitigated Feelings": While her body can get hungry and suffer the negative effects of such (shutting down, collapsing, weakness, etc) she cannot actually tell when she is hungry, or sleepy, or even in minor amounts of pain, which means that she has to be reminded to eat and sleep to avoid just randomly collapsing during a mission.
  • "Difficult Repairs": The Booster Unit is extremely hard to repair or make spare parts for. As a result, the more damage taken in a fight, the harder it becomes to repair. In the event of RPed combat, the opponent gets to decide how damaged it is. (Aura Flare Cooldown: Damage Taken / 3, Round Up, Days)
  • "Overheating": The Rock Cannon generates high amounts of heat when fired, making it unreliable to fire it several times in a row. For every consecutive round the cannon is used in, 1d10-X is rolled, where X starts at 1. If the result is 1-9, nothing happens, and X is doubled. If the result is 0, BRS is stunned (+allow) and X is returned to its original value of 1. While using the Booster Unit, add 1 to the final result of the roll (better heat management).
  • "Fragmented Memories": BRS does not have complete or even reliable memories, leading to ill-timed flashbacks that can leave her momentarily disabled.
  • "Blank Slate": She also lacks a complete personality, and seems to sponge the personality of people she interacts with a lot to build her own. Her knowledge on things is often lacking, athough once she's told something it won't need explaining again, though precisions might be needed. (Example: a statement of "if you get attacked, that thing is your enemy" does not cover "your allies' enemies are also your enemies". Obviously the longer the character is around the less important this flaw is going to end up as she learns common sense.)
    • Note From The Player: The above +flaw is not an excuse for me to say stupid things on the radio, disobey orders or ask silly questions like "what is sex". If I forget this please remind me however bluntly is needed.


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