Bad Dreams (Elliana Fairchild)

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Bad Dreams (Elliana Fairchild)
Date of Cutscene: 29 May 2013
Location: Elliana's Nightmares
Synopsis: Trapped in her dreams by the Lord of Nightmares while he controls her body, Elliana finds a way to interfere anyway. The Lord of Nightmares is displeased, and the verbal duel begins anew.
Cast of Characters: Duet Fortuna
Tinyplot: Wrathborn

"You interfered."

Elliana jerks, looking up and around, then trying to step forward. The manacles and chains binding her were secure, and she barely moves before they yank tight. The blonde blinks in confusion... before he eyes focus upon the speaker.


Or a dark mirror of her. The eyes are wrong, the face less human in some subtle way. Yet it's her body, that's undeniable. And it was angry at her. Why angry...?

Oh, right. The vague memories were coming back now, along with her confidence.

Smoothly, Elliana replies, "We had no agreement that I wouldn't. We had no real agreement on this level at all. Unlike some, I honor my word. If you misinterpret it, that is not my problem."

The mirror scowls again. "Not only did you interfere," she continues as if Elliana hadn't spoken. "You are still hiding things from me. You did not reveal that Shoutan was the one who was Assassin's Master. Nor did you reveal her new powers. And most importantly, you did not reveal that Psyber could survive a piercing through the heart."

Elliana meets the scowl with a calm smile. "The bargain you tricked me into was for my mental faculties and my body. Not my memories. I consider the interference fair payment for what you have taken without my permission." She lifts her hands and rattles the chains. "Are we done here?"

The Lord of Nightmares in her own form narrows her eyes, then tsks softly. "I see that even with your skills I have much to learn. Experience is the best teacher, as they say. Fine. But I will have what I want. One way or another."

Feeling her body start to fade, Elliana just smiles again, though this time with a sad resignation. "No... no, I think you will not. One way or another."

The little girl opens her eyes with a start, head confused and muddled. That was... a strange dream. It was dark... there was a scary woman who looked like... mom? No, it wasn't mom it was... it was...

"Nnn..." Elliana sighs, letting out a frustrated noise as the details flow from her mind like so much water from a sieve. Pouting, the nine year old girl struggles for a few more moments... almost missing the call from below.

"Elliana? Where is that girl. Tina, can you go wake her up? It's well past dawn."

Her mother's voice... that brings Elliana to glance at the window, realizing that the sun is shining right into her room. "Ah! I'm late!" The blanket is tossed upward in a flash, and the young blonde is already fumbling for her robe, well on her way to getting dressed even as the head maid is treading up the stairs.

Today was a big day! She was going to meet the Duke! How embarrassing to be waking up so late!