Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance II-1R

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No city is more famed in Faerun than the city of Baldur's Gate, the jewel of the Sword Coast. The sprawling city attracts adventurers and heroes in the making from all around. It's also a haven for the darker elements of life as well -- criminal underworld organizations form nefarious plots in abandoned buildings, monsters stalk the sewers beneath, and mad scientists create unspeakable horrors in the largest manors.

When the darkness rose up from those dark holes in the form of Eldrith's Onyx Tower, to threaten the city's citizens, a call for adventurers brave enough to confront the evils that writhe in the city's heart rose up. Three adventurers answered, and then vanished with the tower when it disappeared. Despite the tower's disappearance, once more evil churned in the darkened places in the city's alleys and sewers, seething in preparation to rise again. Once more, adventurers were needed in Baldur's Gate.

Five travelers answered the call of adventure -- Allessia Faithhammer, a human cleric of Helm come to Baldur's Gate at the behest of the church of Helm; a dwarven rogue with mysterious motives known as Borador "Goldhand"; Dorn Redbear, a human barbarian seeking glory (and drink and women!); Vhaidra Uosswir, dark elf monk seeking revenge against the houses who destroyed hers; Ysuran Auondril, moon elf necromancer seeking his lost memories.

They journeyed across Faerun, untangling plots while pursuing their own reasons for traveling from their homes, and eventually brought down the vampire Mordoc Selanmere, who had been seeking to destroy Baldur's Gate. It took more than a month, but the vampire was defeated, and the Onyx Tower, which had appeared in the city during the chaos, disappeared. All was well... but for how long?