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Beelzebumon (Scenesys ID: 132)
Don't disappoint me now.
Full Name: Beelzebumon
Gender: Male
Species: Demon Lord Digimon
Theme: (OFC) Digimon: Great Demon War-1
Function: Digital Demon Lord of Gluttony
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Unaffiliated (N/A)
Other Information
Physical Age: Indeterminate Actual Age: Unknown
Still Aging? No Voice Actor: Derek Stephen Prince
Height: Aproximately 8 feet Weight:
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Red
Theme Song:


When the fallen angel Digimon Lucemon rose up against his god Yggdrassil in what would later be known as the Great Demon War, six other corrupted Digimon rose up alongside him, bringing with them a massive army. Together, they were known as the Demon Lords, and amongst them was Beelzebumon. Unlike the others, he did not have an army to command, but was a lone warrior of immense strength with an insatiable lust for battle. Thought to be lost like the other six Demon Lords in the wake of Yggdrassil's use of the X-Program, Beelzebumon survived the near annihilation of the entire Digimon race by escaping to the Multiverse that existed outside of his doomed homeland. Here, he seeks to do what he has always done: Seek out the strong to do battle with to quench his lust for conflict.










Loner: Beelzebumon is by nature a lone warrior, preferring to operate on his own without someone controlling him and caring little for underlings. This often puts him at a disadvantage against the enemies he fights.

Weak But Skilled: Though often feared for his might in combat, the simple fact is, of all of the Demon Lords, Beelzebumon is the weakest in sheer power scale. All of the other Demon Lords far outdo him in terms of raw, destructive capabilities, while he must compensate by being more precise to make his limited strength count.

Wild Card: No one ever knows exactly what Beelzebumon is going to do next, not even Beelzebumon himself. One day, he might show up to knock heads with the Union, the next day he might be giving the Confederate forces a bloody nose. Even when he isn't fighting, one never knows when he might get the irresistible urge to indulge in violence.

Challenge Seeker: If there is one thing Beelzebumon craves, it's a challenge. If he believes that someone is strong, he will seek that person out and engage them at some point or another. Likewise, if he believes an individual is weak, he will ignore that person unless they make the mistake of attacking him.


Title Date Scene Summary
Shadows In The Forest April 4th, 2016 A demonic bunny appears! Is one group of Elites enough to stop him?
A Bad Time to Travel December 7th, 2015 Union forces under Pepper's leadership escorts a trade caravan for the Beifong family when mercenaries and Confederates strike. Also, dino-train.
WMAT C1 Beelzebumon vs The Magician September 16th, 2015 WMAT 2015 Division C battle between two combat junkies.
When Children Cry August 26th, 2015 Lute and the Confederacy go for some Digimon Children in a makeshift village, however they learn that it wont be so easy...
WMAT CQ1 Beelzebumon vs Sagat August 21st, 2015 Sagat and Beelzebumon face off for their qualifier match, each carrying one loss from fighting Taylor Scott. Who will advance, and who will be eliminated?
WMAT CQ1 Beelzebumon vs Taylor Scott August 19th, 2015 The Digital Devil, Beelzebumon takes on the Armored Pilot, Taylor Scott
Mysterious Attack! Something From The Dark Ocean August 14th, 2015 A lake monster was beaten into submission via overwhelming firepower!
The Missing Lynx August 12th, 2015 Giant Monster Boss Fight!
Digi Here - Digi Know July 15th, 2015 Duke holds a meeting in hopes to not only alert other Digimon, but to update the Multiverse on what is going on or at least what could happen soon.
Stand Tall Before The Coming Storm July 3rd, 2015 A game changer has arrived as Yggdrasil has started to take more interest or maybe its just a very curious Royal Knight.
What A Ride June 23rd, 2015 Duke comes back home to the Ranch to tell everyone what he has learned and what could be coming.
Pay Up Or Ship Out June 17th, 2015 A exile needs to pay up, but things go quickly wrong for them both.
Bar Fight June 1st, 2015 A bunch of Confederates enter into a Barfight with a bunch of Union people. And Beelzebumon.
Swords Without Cause May 15th, 2015 Gaonoir makes a deal with a Digimon and that Digimon decides to carry out the deal for the sake of his people. Only he will learn the hard way, that you should never make a deal with the devil dog.
Beelzebumon vs Dukemon, Round 3! ... Or 4. Maybe 5 May 13th, 2015 Sometimes you just gotta keep hitting your head into that wall, until either it breaks, or you do...
The Beast of Shadows Pt. 2 April 27th, 2015 Who is this Gaonoir and why is he attacking a hive of -Beemon?
Beelzebumon's Wild Gravity-Defying Ride April 10th, 2015 Duke challenges Beelzebumon to a battle, with the hopes that if he wins, he can force Beelzebumon to honor his deal to tell him about his past.
The Hunter Or The Hunted April 3rd, 2015 A dangerous Digimon Exile has appeared and is threatening the lives of people. Can the people of the Multiverse end her madness? (Part 1 of 2 - Next Log: Round Two For Destruction)
Doran and Beelzebumon March 20th, 2015 Beelzebumon meets Doran, and has a bit of a misunderstanding...
Are You Ready March 15th, 2015 Duke believes he is ready, he has challenged Beelzebumon, but will he win this battle against the Demon Lord or will Duke learn a hard lesson?
Hulk vs. Vegeta March 5th, 2015 HULK FIGHT VEGETA! VEGETA GROW TAIL!
AWftF: The War for Reptilon Begins February 28th, 2015 Kakarot's army of Neo-Saiyans has initiated an attack against Genghis Rex's homeworld, Reptilon. The Confederacy, Union, and Red Ribbon Regiment respond.
Price Of Repayment February 24th, 2015 Duke carries out Lute's request in the agreement with Caster and Kari Wolf. Only to find the unexpected and the power within himself he didn't know he had.
Vegeta Dates The Multiverse February 18th, 2015 Vegeta goes on a date with a bunch of people!
Vegeta VS Beelzebumon December 30th, 2014 Beelzebumon decides to have it out with Vegeta, for lulz.
When Trees Attack December 19th, 2014 Plants have been attacking Union and Unaffiliated parties in the Cavern of Life. Is it tied to Confederate activity in the area, or merely a coincidence?
Logia Hunter December 10th, 2014 A pair of bounty hunters try to take out the Wolkenritter.
The Hunt Is On November 5th, 2014 A new threat has arrived whom has allied themselves with the Confederacy. This threat is known as the Accretian Empire
Urban Danger October 3rd, 2014 Through the unnatural fog that casts itself into the Eastern Ruins, something wicked is soon to come and those who face its blade, may know of the horrors that is the Dark Divinity.
Train Heist on the Great Ocean! Whamon and Musyamon appear! August 31st, 2014 Violet leads a Whamon and Musyamon to capture a Union supply train, along with the help of Kirikou. Allyn, Emiya Shirou, and Michael Knight respond to stop them.
Attack on Alexandria August 10th, 2014 The Seaport Princess Darwin spearheads an attack on the harbor of Alexandria, Egypt, with the sole goal of absolute destruction.
Trolololol August 7th, 2014 The Autobots are searching for answers in the Exoforest. The Decepticons show up. Beelzebumon turns a standoff into a fight. Chaos ensues.
Nam-Ek and The Factory July 30th, 2014 Nam-Ek thinks the Factory will be easy pickings! Except Karian Icefang and Beelzebumon intend to prove him wrong.
The Herald July 26th, 2014 A new entity makes its presence known in an attempt to draw out the Union-aligned Autobots.
The Kinslayer July 13th, 2014 A distress call goes out over the broadband about a ship being attacked near the Space Ways. This attacker must either be very brave or very foolish.
Monster Hunting... July 11th, 2014 Dimentio and O'Chunks go hunting for a monster at a..
Into Factorial Town June 26th, 2014 A distress signal from the Digital World's Factorial Town lures heroes, investigators and villains alike to see what is up, and they meet the Digimon Emperor in his role for the first time.
Enter Dr. Violet Hunter June 22nd, 2014 Dr. Violet Hunter unleashes a Devidramon on Tokyo, to lure out Japan's Self Defense Force.
WMAT C1 Beelzebumon vs. Marie Mjolnir June 20th, 2014 In the first round of WMAT 2014, C Bracket opponents Beelzebumon and Marie Mjolnir (accompanied by her Meister, Dr. Franken Stein), fight in the Yunzabit Heights to great acclaim with enthusiastic hosting done by Mizuki.


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