Bigby Wolf

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Bigby Wolf (Scenesys ID: 585)
"I'm not that pup anymore. I can't change the past -- but don't mistake that for regret."
Full Name: Bigby Wolf
Gender: Male
Species: Wolf
Theme: (FC) Fables-1
Function: Sheriff
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Unaffiliated (N/A)
Other Information
Physical Age: 40 Actual Age: 500+
Still Aging? Voice Actor:
Height: Weight:
Hair Color: Eye Color:
Theme Song:


When the Homeland worlds of the Fables -- that is, near-immortal figures of popular mythology -- were invaded by the mysterious Adversary, thousands of them fled to the mundane world for sanctuary. Bigby Wolf, the literal Big Bad Wolf of legend, was among the refugees. With the urging of Snow White he grudgingly agreed to help found a Fable colony in the New World, and took up the role of sheriff of the secret community, protecting the residents from each other as much as from the outside 'mundy' world. Thanks to a touch of lycanthropy, Bigby has the ability to assume human form at will, but his natural form is that of an enormous wolf, and his 'huff and puff' is a fearsome gale force wind. All residents of Fabletown were granted complete amnesty of past deeds upon signing the town charter, but Bigby's violent past continues to follow him through the centuries, and his fellow Fables regard him with no small amount of wary respect. Which suits him just fine.










Violent Past: Though Bigby reformed after the exodus from the Homeworlds, and was granted general amnesty along with everyone else under the Fabletown compact, he killed and... ate, a lot of people before that. His fellow Fables outside of his closest allies still fear him more than they trust him, and he's not even allowed to set foot on the Farm, Fabletown's upstate annex for Fables who can't pass for human. He lives under the constant suspicion of his community, wondering when he'll snap and 'go bad' again. It's just a matter of time, right? This can make doing his job unnecessarily difficult.

Generally Unpleasant: Bigby's kind of a dick. At his core nature he's a wolf. His first instinct is to deal with unpleasantness with violence or at least threat of violence. Survival of the fittest. Over the centuries he has learned to ACT civilized, to tone down his instinctive reactions and even to be subtle and at times diplomatic, but this does not come naturally to him. He has a tremendous store of self-control, but this is not to be mistaken for patience or -- with the exception of a VERY small inner circle -- friendliness. Even when he's trying to be nice to someone he often comes off as an asshole.

Lonely: So yeah, playing the Lone Wolf is cool and all but wolves are by nature pack animals. And Bigby has spent a lifetime burning (or perhaps blowing down) bridges. He won't admit it but a lot of his gruff nature stems from his frustration with his lack of a pack, or a mate. Or anyone who truly understands him, really. When his job is done he goes back to his shithole apartment to be a miserable bastard, alone.

Sensory Overload: Wolves weren't made to live in cities. Or anywhere with a large population. Bigby's senses are under constant assault from the masses of PEOPLE all around him. The sights, the sounds, and overall the SMELLS of the modern world are an unending bombardment that could drive a wolf mad. He smokes like a chimney, not because he particularly likes cigarettes, but to dull his senses and take the edge off the overload. Even so, every now and then he just needs to /get away/ and spend some quiet time in the wilderness.

Vulnerability to Silver: While Bigby can absorb incredible amounts of abuse from conventional sources, silver weapons can really HURT him. Silver bullets or blades can incapacitate him as easily as a conventional weapon would hurt a normal person, and even kill him.

Technophobe: Bigby doesn't like modern technology. The mundy world is advancing far too quickly for his liking. He'll use telephones or radio, and he's familiar with guns and explosives thanks to his wartime experience, but he prefers to rely on his own natural skills when he can. He never learned to drive a car, and don't even try to get him to use a computer.

Mild Acrophobia: Bigby doesn't like heights. This isn't a crippling fear by any means -- he parachuted into most of his wartime assignments -- but he doesn't /like/ them. This may be part of the reason he never learned to shapeshift or fly, as his half-wind nature would otherwise allow. Unfortunately, it's probably way too late to teach an old dog new tricks now. He'll stay landbound when possible, thanks. He's not scared, just... cautious. Got it?


Title Date Scene Summary
The Big Bad Wolves December 15th, 2016 Bigby Wolf requests a word with Heinkel Wolfe. The irony of the latter's name is not a fact that escapes its owner.
Damocles Released December 15th, 2016 Harry Dresden is double conscripted into being a double cop, is very confused about it.
Magical Trade January 18th, 2015 Mihk Lihzeh arrives in Fabletown, and the Fables make their first multiversal trade agreement.
Robot Escort Service December 7th, 2014 The quest to create a robot girlfriend for Lute leads to a bank-robbing blind date.
Fairy Tale Beginnings October 30th, 2014 Elites are called in to help when a non-Fabled dragon stumbles upon the Farm.
Heckmouth Finale: The Son of the Dad of Heck October 24th, 2014 He Who Lurks In Shadows manifests in a piece of expensive public art in Chicago, Harry Dresden et al destroy the gate and also $25 million in public space oops
Two Fables Walk into a Bar... October 20th, 2014 Snow White and Bigby Wolf meet some of their new neighbors.
The Wolf Reports October 19th, 2014 Bigby heads to the Business Office of Fabletown to give deputy mayor Snow his initial report on the multiverse. Decisions are made, and plans will follow.
Heckmouth 4: The Revenge of Heck October 17th, 2014 Harry Dresden and the Motley Crew end up wrecking a dance hall in the pursuit of He Who Lurks in Shadow
Heck Mouth Part 3: The Mouthening October 10th, 2014 Harry Dresden and a motley crew of investigators meet Gentleman John Marcone, get bribed, and then beat the crap out of a half-manifested outsider. Hilarity and blood ensues.
Lockdown In The Halls of The Elvenking October 9th, 2014 Things continue to go worse for our brave explorers in Mirkwood as several end up in the dungeons of Thranduil and things get worse.
Heck Mouth 2: Mouth Harder ft. Bigby Wolf October 7th, 2014 Harry, Inga and Riva's plan to blow up another Illuminati piece of crap is briefly interrupted by the appearance of Mr. Big Bad Wolf
Black blood and black wolves October 5th, 2014 On a trip to New York Medusa and Crona encounter a beast that seeks to interfere with their business.
BtC: Payback Time October 4th, 2014 Miss Clokwerk, Black Arachnia and Ferham crash the Blindside group's party and get a little payback. Bigby Wolf joins the fun.


Title Date Scene Summary
It's Been a Long Night (Bigby Wolf) October 3rd, 2014 The world of the Fables unifies.