Biker Mice From Mars-1

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Cousins of Earth-based 'anthro' mice, the Martian Freedom fighters continue to battle forces who seek to destroy them and steal their valuable assets, such as the Catatonians, a cat-like race of creatures who desire the greatest prize on Mars - The Regenerator.

Mars once had ample supplies of water, those days passed into history when the planet was strip mined by the conquests of the Plutarkians, an evil, aquatic species. Today, the Martian Mice are dependent upon the Regenerator to create their water. It is a brilliant machine created by the equally brilliant General Stoker; without it, it is only a matter of time until all of Martian Mousedom will perish.

But the Catatonians had their own problems; with their own planet turned into a used up litter box, they seek new planets to convert into giant sandboxes so necessary to the life of a cat. With the Regenerator in their paws, the Catatonians would possess the ability to transform any body of land anywhere into a giant litterbox fit to sustain Catatonian life. The fact that the Catatonians are the natural enemies of the Martian Mice is just a bonus in their eyes.

The Catatonians succeeded in getting their claws on the Regenerator only to have it destroyed by the Martians to prevent it being used against them!

As fate would have it, Stoker created two Regenerators- but the second Regenerator was stolen by the infamous Chicago based real estate developer, Ronaldo Rump. Rump had used the powerful device to turn the Windy City into a Rump Development and he didn't intend to stop there. If Rump could've acquired enough Regenerator power, he planned to turn Mexico into the largest Rump Golf and Hotel Resort in the World - not to mention his desire to melt the Polar Ice Caps to create virgin beach front property!

After defeating Rump, the Martians still have to fight off the Catatonians, who're still hell-bent on attaining the Regenerator - and, as a freshly Unified world, any others who're after their technology - or for their new friends, the Union!

Rev up your engines and get ready to put the pedal to the metal because, once again, it's time to...