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It isn't the world you know. A colorless, lifeless wasteland in all directions. Home to creatures which fight purely on instinct, driven by emotions that are not their own. There wanders a girl with jet-black hair, ebony clothes, and strikingly blue eyes. Her name is Black Rock Shooter. With huge cannon in hand, she throws herself into battle after fierce battle...

This is the world you know. Middle-school student Mato Kuroi is drawn to a classmate with an unusual name, Yomi Takanashi. Mato does her best to talk to Yomi, who just won't open up. Yuu Kotari mocks her best friend Mato's efforts but at the same time, supports her. Mato also finds herself surrounded by other colorful characters, like the eccentric school counselor Saya Irino, the hot-blooded captain of the basketball club Arata Kohata, and Yomi's possessive friend Kagari Izuriha.

Two worlds. This is the story of their pain.




The Other World

Other World is the name given to a place occupied entirely by Other Selves. It is a world deeply affected by the mentality of those who exist within it. To the outsider, it is a colorless gray world stretching as far as the eye can see, mostly flat, though shot through with canyons and craters. This empty land is connected to the individual areas within Other World that lie under the control of the various Other Selves.

These isolated pockets, referred to as Domains, named after the Other Self who created them (IE, Black Gold Saw's Domain) are an extreme change from the featureless expanse of Other World. Heavily influenced by the psyche of the person who is connected to that domain's Other Self (Known as a Host), these pockets are extremely varied in appearance. An Other Self encountered in their home Domain always has a home field advantage.

When an Other Self is slain, their Domain begins to crumble and return to the featureless expanse of Other World. If the Other Self is recreated, their Domain likewise returns.

Other World can be accessed in one of two ways. It can be entered physically, though this is very difficult and the entrance can be very hard to find; it moves around semi-constantly. The other method is to gain an Other Self and develop the mental skills necessary to seize control of it and act through it--This generally requires one to be aware of their Other Self, aware of what its purpose is as well as its name, and accept for themselves what burden it carries for them--which is very painful.

Black Gold Saw is the caretaker and curator of Other World, and has near-absolute control over the dream-like reality of Other World no matter which Domain of it she is in. However, she is naturally more at home in her own Domain.

The Other Self

An Other Self is an occupant of the Other World. This Other Self is intrinsically and strongly connected to someone who exists in Reality--the greater Multiverse--which is known as a Host.

The Other Self is created in response to trauma, stress, and other forms of personal emotional suffering. The Other Self shoulders the pain and suffering for their Host, saving them from bearing the true brunt of those pains themselves. In this way, the Other Self forms a symbiotic relationship with their Host, taking the true weight of their emotional pain from them.

A typical Other Self has no true emotion. They do not feel anger, jealousy, grief, guilt, or hate. They simply carry these emotions and follow their instincts to fight. They fight for the sake of fighting; winning and losing have no meaning to them.

The more a Host suffers, the more pain their mind is put through, the stronger the Other Self gets. Other Selves can exert some influence on their Hosts, though only Black Gold Saw has been shown to directly manipulate hosts towards a mental breakdown which can lead to 'Awakening', when the Other Self reaches their peak of strength and becomes a true force to be reckoned with.

An Other Self, however, is doomed inevitably to die in combat. It may take a while, but this is a fate that all Other Selves must eventually face. When the Other Self is annihilated, all of the pain and suffering and trauma that they carry are all destroyed with them, and the memory or event which plagues their Host no longer troubles them. This usually results in them completely forgetting the source of their suffering, whether it is a person or a terrible event.

However, an Other Self rarely stays dead. If the Host begins to remember what they had forgotten when the Other Self was killed, it will return to life. Likewise, additional suffering or emotional trauma may spawn a brand new Other Self to shoulder it--who will more or less be identical to the previous one.

Physically, an Other Self is a female--Always a female, even if the Host is male--who resembles their Host, with a much darker twist. Skeletal gauntlets are commonplace in place of hands. Spiked armor, black clothes, sinister and often improbable weapons, tails of spikes or blackened bone, horns of all sorts. The color black is extremely common in clothing and armor.

In addition to this, each Other Self has a signature color, which joins the blacks and grays in their ensemble and is a dominant scheme in their Domain. This color is more than a choice, though. When an Other Self is injured, the blood which sprays forth is an inky black, splattered through with their color.

Black Gold Saw generates fledgling Other Selves via her Black Sprinkler, which come out as vague, hooded figures. Saya Irino is the one who connects Other Selves to Hosts, forming the relationship by inciting trauma in others, or by investigating their past during her counseling sessions and pulling traumatic or painful memories to the surface. However, this does not always work, and fresher events are best. It is only after the bond is formed and cemented that the Other Self ascends past their fledgling state and takes on qualities more suited to their Host's psyche.

( Creating an Other Self for a player requires consent and associated RP, and is temporary--1 scene, 2 scenes maximum. For it to be more long-term, an upgrade application is required. )

Feature Characters

  • Saya Irino, the school counselor
    • Black Gold Saw, the Other World's curator, sometimes found in the Domain of Sundered History
  • Mato Kuroi, who refuses to acknowledge sadness and tries to pull others out of it
    • Black Rock Shooter, often imprisoned in the Domain of Ruined Sorrow
  • Yuu Koutori, who tries to keep Mato in line
    • Strength, wandering abroad from the Domain of Blazing Secrets
  • Yomi Takenashi, who suffers intense guilt and loneliness
    • Dead Master, isolated in the Domain of Deathly Calm
  • Kagari Izuriha, who possessively clings to Yomi and refuses to accept anyone else as her friend
    • Chariot, queen of the Domain of Shattered Dreams
  • Kohata Arata, who accepts responsibility for mistakes even if it's not her fault
    • Double Catastrophe, lurking in the Domain of False Hope