Black Rock Shooter-2R

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(This themelist refers to the PSP game, Black Rock Shooter: The Game.)

The year is 2051. Following an alien invasion from "the Apostles" humanity is on its last leg. Of the thirty billion humans that lived on Earth until then, not even a hundred individuals remain. Holed up with the last twelve members of the UEF (United Earth Forces), they might be led to think they're just waiting to die, as food and supplies slowly run out.

The seven out of fifteen Apostles who remain from the initial war boredly lead their Armament forces to wipe out what's left of the human race and move on to another world, under the direction of a mysterious general.

But secretly the UEF has been protecting a statis tube containing a supersoldier, waiting for the time when she would be old enough physically to fight. As they move it out onto the field, desperate, they attempt to wake her up, three years earlier than her creator had intended.

BRS, humanity's ultimate weapon, and their last hope.

NOTE! The only appable FCs from this themelisting are: WRS, SAHA, XNFE, LLWO, CKRY, SZZU, MEFE, MZMA, Nana Gray and the various members of the UEF/PSS. FCs from other variations of the BRS theme are not in this theme (yet).