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100 years ago the Black Beast suddenly emerged and nearly wiped humanity out until the Six Heroes appeared and revived the lost art of magic by showing mankind how to create Ars Magus-a fusing of magic and technology that was marshaled to to destroy the Black Beast in what was called The First War of Magic. The toll the Beast's rage took on the planet ran deep, filling the world with a miasma called seithr and forcinh humanity to live in cities built on mountaintops. Fast-forward to the present era where the Novus Orbis Librarium has been founded to regulate and control the usage of magic across the world so that it does not fall into their hands in a regime that could be considered oppressive and tyrannical from many perspectives. Some resist their power, but the most problematic individual recently is Ragna the Bloodedge, an AA Class Criminal who bears an extremely high bounty on his head for destroying two NOL regional headquarters on his own.