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The meeting of Rukia and Ichigo never took place. Things proceeded as they normally did within the Human World and Soul Society. The humans were still unaware of the existence of Hollows, admiring their celebrities for their television shows and pondering the strange odd deaths that could never be explained. As the years passed the Soul Reapers (or Shinigami) functioned like normal, continuing with their normal duties in their designated towns to fend off the Hollow threat and provide proper burials for spirits.

The Soul Society turned a blind eye on the possibility of any Quincy or Bount returning due to their elimination centuries before. It was never predicted that a reasonable amount of Quincy and Bount were in hiding, scheming, and planning the defeat of the Sould Reapers. The attack on Soul Society happened in an instant, there were no warnings or signs before it were too late for the Soul Reapers to retaliate. The Bount and Quincy struck at Seireitei with full force. A vicious battle led to neither of the sides gaining an upper hand. The Quincy, Bount, and Soul Reapers all suffered great losses before the attacking forces withdrew leaving a weakened Soul Society to pick up the pieces. With their victory the Quincy and Bount turned on each other, separating sides due to their own individual beliefs.

Seireitei with its borders broken and forces thinned left room for additional threats to attack. Two of the rumored most skilled Vasto Lords appeared and infiltrated Seireitei in order to finish the elimination of the Shinigami. Their main targets were royalty in order to break the remaining structure of Soul Society. Losses were reported amongst the ranks of the Zero Division and Royalty. The Vasto Lords were eventually drawn back by the remaining Captains and Lieutenants of the Gotei 13. With Soul Society at a loss, The Central 46 Chambers ruled that the remaining Gotei 13 be assigned to Zero Division to protect the remaining royals in order to restore Seireitei's structure.