Bramble Patch

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Brambe Patch (Scenesys ID: 278)
"Of course this place is important. Or it wouldn't be covered in overgrowth and traps."
Full Name: Bramble Patch
Gender: Female
Species: Earth Pony
Theme: (OC) MLP: FiM-1
Function: Nightmare's Gardener
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Confederacy (20-Ally)
Other Information
Physical Age: Young Adult Pony Actual Age: Young Adult Pony
Still Aging?  ??? Voice Actor:
Height: Around 4' Weight: Stocky
Hair Color: Evergreen & Ivy Eye Color: Pale Yellow
Theme Song:


Bramble Patch posesses an unusual divergence of the Earth Pony affinity for nature, that makes her resistant to the effects of plant-based hazards and capable of traversing dense overgrowth without being hindered. The downside is that her growing ability is also limited to such invasive plants, often earning her the ire of other ponies despite her ability to explore places others could not get to. It was while exploring one such place, Everfree Forest, that she came across a corrupt gem once used by Nightmare's cult to manipulate the forest's growth. Through it the Mare in the Moon was able to whisper darkness to her, tempting Bramble Patch's pursuit of usefulness and acceptance to lure her into service. Bound with the everfree gem, Bramble Patch can innervate plants with the same chaotic growth and sinister mutations... But she does not necessarily always have full control over the results. None the less she tries to make due when ever possible, exploring strange places and using the wild growths to farther her skills in alchemical concotions and, if one is brave (or desperate) enough, her cooking.










Root Of The Matter: The one shortcoming of Bramble Patch's new powers is that she cannot just create new plants, it has to be corrupting and magnifying the growth of existing botanical presence, or draining the botanical energy out of thriving ones. Fortunately it only takes something as small as a patch of grass, a few seeds, or even the plants woven into her outfit. But if she's ever in a place that for some reason plants cannot grow at all, she's at a severe disadvantage.

Untamed Growth: The overgrowth caused by her botanical nightmare powers isn't always entirely under Bramble Patch's control, due to the inherently wild and eccentric nature of the magic of Everfree Forest. Sometimes they spawn with unexpected traits or more aggressiveness than she intended, or become obstacles in a way that is as much a hinderance to her allies as well as her enemies if they grow in the wrong position or onto something imporant.

Green Hooves: Posesses the same range of increased zoomorphic motion and humanoid-like expression as other Equestria ponies, and can use her tail to a limited extent, but there's still the lack of actual hands. Not to mention as an Earth Pony she has no magic, wings, or other extras to bypass it. Bramble Patch can grow vines and small plants to grab and hold things for her, but they lack the finess and dexterity that actual hands and fingers would.

Lethal Chef: Bramble Patch's cooking skills are fine, it's just that she often tries to do so through alchemistry and her altered gardening abilities as well. This tends to result in her creations having strange and dangerous effects, like spicy food that actually produces fire, exploding pastries, slime-like stews and so forth. So while she could potentially feed an army since she has no shortage of ability in producing ingredients, one is often left wondering if it wouldn't be a better option to just starve...


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And not all of the killers roaming Aokigahara are ghostly, or even of human origin. Ouma is scouring the Forest of Death for the second fragment of the Killing Stone, and they're calling in assistance from the Confederacy to boot; Shinra's agents can't deal with the combination alone, so they've requested Union support.

Who will find the second piece of the Killing Stone ... and who will fall in the search for it?

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Title Date Scene Summary
Snow Job (Bramble Patch) December 11th, 2016 A new direction is offer after the collapse of the Confederacy.