Breath of Fire: Dragon's Lost-1R

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One day, a war was waged between Dragons and the Goddess called Myria. This war could not be avoided, and it ended in the utter defeat of all Dragons in the world, all but a few that hid away in the shadows. They became the bogeymen of the world, the monsters mothers warn their children about.

A modern age struck with the discovery of a substance called Chrysm. The gemstone-like fuel would power industry, and great modern conveniences. Firearms became commonplace, using chrysm loaded in clips as ammunition, new and terrible weapons became known to the media in all the world, and then the Wyndian royal family was assassinated.

The world was plunged into a chaos it has only recently recovered from. The tenuous Woren Alliance unites the tribes to protect their land with ancient but tested battle traditions and their coveted ability to transform into monstrous beasts. The Wyndian government licks its wounds, relying on the help of its allies to protect it. Junktown becomes known as the greatest center of innovation, and a haven of neutrality. Dragoneir is a forgotten ruin, half-consumed by sand, containing vast secrets of the past of the world and what dragons really were.

And the city of Myria thrives, the harsh leadership there enforcing strict laws and a monstrous caste system, eyeballing its neighbors for their more abundant resources.

(This is a heavy mish-mash of many Breath of Fire theme ideas, none of which really mesh completely with any particular game. Expect to see familiar names in unfamiliar situations, or not see certain characters at all!)