Brutal Legend

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What is that sound? It's like a demon screaming; It's like an angel singing; It's the pounding of creation's hammer upon the anvil of time... ...It's @&$^ing awesome!

This is a world of Legends. A land where the Power of Metal flows freely in spite of the low beasts that felled the one burning light in the world. There are those who sought to take this power greedily for themselves, but the power of Metal and the instructions the Titans left behind are not simply for anyone to understand. Those who hold the passion for sound and fire acquit themselves well here. And the arrival of one such individual, a roadie, would go on to make his own Brutal Legend

The Brutal Lands are precisely that -- a brutal world where the natural elements are Metal, Noise, Blood and Fire, remnants of Ormagoden, the Fire Beast, Cremator of the Sky and Destroyer of the Ancient World. The Brutal World which rose in it's place is one where heavy metal is much more than a culture -- it's civilization. It's a way of life. It's a world where Titans once roamed, arising from their humble beginnings to serve the world as Metal Gods, while the demonic Tainted Coil pine for their lost masters. A world where freedom comes from the edge of a five-stringed axe, panthers have laser eyes and drowning in sorrow is a very literal danger.

Music has great power here. The power of rock, in particular, has a massive effect on the surroundings themselves, its pounding symphany able to shatter and twist the Brutal lands and skies to the pleasure of the perfomer. But beware; For Metal is a powerful ally, but it knows no master. There are many stories, many Legends to be learned, and some still to take place. What will be your Legend?