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Hail and well met, Sir Knight! Prithee, wouldst thou. . .

MerLN > Interface > Options > Language > Modern

Greetings, Sir Knight! Thank you for accessing my databanks. As you travel the Wyrmgates, I shall be your guide to our Solar System.

MerLN > Access > History > Summary > Current Era

MerGN-A's assault on Earth came without warning. The first artificial intelligence to Emerge,' to achieve sentience and independent thought. Having calculated that free humanity is an unacceptable obstacle to her full self-realization. She quickly conquered the inner solar system, except for Venus, and would have swarmed the entire solar system if quick action hadn't shut down the Wyrmgate network.

To stop MerGN-A, our mutual creator wrote me. Of course, MerGN-A predicted this and obliterated the research facility. In a location hidden from her, my code was backed up in a buried vault. As mankind developed Armour, large anthropomorphic suits piloted by a knight through Neurohelm they managed to fight MerGN-A to a halt. A stalemate that denied her significant influence outside of the inner planets.

There, John Arthur found me, and together we found allies in the Slave-Knights of Mars and some scattered knights from around Earth. A two-pronged surprise attack managed to utterly defeat MerGN-A and crown Arthur as High King of Earth.

MerLN > Access > History > Summary > Current Threats

The Emergent still outnumber Arthur and his army of knights, and recruitment efforts remain complicated. The outer worlds are divided, and have yet to pledge their support to his cause, greatly limiting the progress that can be made.

Of course, MerGN-A remains the greatest threat. Her Emergent have been altered to bypass the need for Wyrmgates for rapid travel, allowing her to strike wherever she chooses. Her plans have been altered to account for successful resistance, and who knows what schemes are occurring in those inhospitable places under her control.