Caim (Dropped)

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Caim (Scenesys ID: -1)
Red Dragon: "Now to hunt the rest of the jackals. Your favourite sport, Caim..." Caim: "...!"
Full Name: Caim of Caerleon
Gender: Male
Species: Human (Pact Partner)
Theme: (OFC) Drakengard-1
Function: Vengeful Pact-Partner
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Confederacy (0-Enlisted)
Other Information
Physical Age: Early 20s Actual Age: 18
Still Aging? No Voice Actor:
Height: 182 cm Weight: 75 kg
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:


Once the prince of a prosperous kingdom, Caim's life shattered around him when the neighbouring Empire invaded. Murdering his parents with Imperial dragons and crushing his kingdom, Caim was plunged into a life of war. His sister, the living Goddess protecting the world's balance, was taken by the Empire. To rescue her and have his Imperial vengeance, Caim was forced to bind his soul to that which he hated: A dragon. The two soon became staunch allies, bringing destruction to their mutual enemy. Unable to sate his need for vengeance among the Union, Caim and the Red Dragon have instead turned to the Confederacy, where they do as they please against the Empire and their Union enemies. Despite his skill as a swordsman and tactician, Caim was made mute as his pact-price, and so the proud and haughty Red Dragon speaks for him. At times, though, even she is taken aback by her pact-partner's silent anger and lust for bloody vengeance.









Due to traumatic events, Caim bears a spectacular hatred for all of dragon-kind. He makes no distinctions between those of the Sealed World or those of the Multiverse, and has every desire to go out of his way to kill them all. He understands on some level that he can't attack those with the Confederacy, and seems to have no desire to turn on his own pact-partner, but those dragons that belong to either the Union or to neither faction are fair game. It is entirely possible that he may throw himself into situations far and away above his head in the interest of pursuing his own illogical agenda.
Caim's sister and the living Goddess of the Seal, Furiae is the young woman chosen to maintain the balance of the world by upholding the seals that keep chaos at bay. After all that happened to his family and his life, Caim is extremely protective of her, almost to the point of obsession, and will do anything to keep her safe and unharmed. Gods help the person that decides to hold this against him, including her current Imperial captives, for he will move heaven and earth to see Furiae safe. Using her, or knowledge of her, against Caim is a quick and easy way to make him irrationally and absolutely violently furious.
All humans pay a price to form a pact with a fantastic beast. The price that Caim paid was his voice, bearing his pact-mark like a black tattoo on his tongue. He cannot vocalise in any significant manner; not even a whimper, and (short of charades) must rely on the Red Dragon to do his communication for him. If they should ever be parted, it would be difficult for him to convey his point to others (unless this point were "the end of a sword," that is).
Though they have fantastic power at their command, there is a dark side to forging a pact-bond. So joined, the pact-partners cannot survive independently, as they are no longer individuals. They are joined on every level, and killing one will invariably kill the other, even if the other is unharmed. To a lesser extent, they will share in injury; exhausting one will exhaust the other, and lay both pact-partners low.
The Red Dragon
Even dragons have their faults. The Red Dragon is an arrogant and prideful creature, and approaching her tactlessly may result in a lot of angry words or spiteful dragonfire. Her wings are also a vulnerable point, as she can't fly if they're damaged. She has a keen sense of smell, but this can also work against her. Particularly strong odours can "jam" her olfactory senses, or even cause pain. Lastly, as pact-partner to Caim, she will do anything to guard him and ensure his safety if she believes him to be truly in danger, and will go to reckless or illogically furious lengths to protect him. After all, if he dies, so too does she.
Although a prince and possessed of diplomatic training and other such education, Caim has in recent times become a very angry and violent man. His usual solution to problems is to beat them until they stop becoming problems. Needless to say, this does not work for every problem in the Multiverse, and he can become increasingly aggravated when this angle of attack consistently fails. It can be easy to lead him around in circles, since he rarely stops to think things through and be clever about solving scenarios... and sometimes he needs the Red Dragon to step in and stop him from making an even bigger fool of himself.


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