Callia & Palora (Transience-1)

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Callia & Palora
Palora: "Hey, look! My words are inside those little lines Mimi writes in when she wants to sound all important!" / Callia: "Please be merciful to the boundaries of the narrative, sister."
Full Name: Callia and Palora
Gender: Female
Species: Thought
Theme: (NPC) Transience-1
Function: Abbot and Thoughtstello
Factional Information
Faction: Union
Other Information
Physical Age: 13 Actual Age: Probably something bigger.
Still Aging? Nope. Voice Actor:
Height: Runt! Weight: Nope nope.
Hair Color: Silver / Pink. Eye Color: Blue / Amber.
Theme Song:

Spoofing Rights



The so-called 'reaper sisters' are the two beings that bridge the gap between Mizuki and the other, less independent offshoots of her mentality. In addition, they lead the 'elite task force' that travels the Multiverse in search of souls who resonate well with the core feelings of Mizuki's home. Of the two, Callia is more personable, collected, and demure while Palora is more unstable, spontaneous, and childlike. Each of the two are capable of flight via angelic wings and advanced feats of magic which can involve traditional arcanum (fire, lightning, etc.) as well as some illusions. They also possess scythes, the tools of the Grim Reaper that can be used both when channeling energy and when attacking physically. In combat, they're most effective either at very long or very short distances, being a bit weaker mid-range. To remedy this, many of their abilities are designed to either close or maintain the distance between them and their foe depending on the situation. Most often they rely on movement so fast that the naked eye cannot follow them.



INCANTATIONS: In addition to some more gimmicky abilities, the sisters also possess the more straightforward power to focus and cast magic. These incantations are nothing extraordinary and are largely limited to small, concentrated masses such as fireballs or lightning bolts that are hurled at enemies. This simplicity means their spells can be used very quickly, though, which makes them quite effective utilities in fast paced combat. Callia and Palora are able to use such spells from the general elemental persuasions of fire, ice, lightning, holy, and dark.

ILLUSORY WALTZ: Each of the sisters is capable of exceptionally quick movement when they aren't attacking, but for many who view it this quickness is not simply a product of physical fitness. They appear to move faster than they actually do by giving opponents susceptible to illusions a false impression of where they are. Not only this, but each of them leave ghostly 'copies' of themselves behind as they travel, making discerning their actual locations quite difficult. People resistant to such mental trickery can typically find ways of ignoring these 'ghosts', however, and focus on the sisters' actual locations. (Note: On their own, the 'copies' made by this ability have no substance and cannot be interacted with in any way. Also, they dissipate within seconds of their creation naturally or instantly through contact.)

DASH: In addition to simply being fast, Callia and Palora can magically and virtually instantly propel themselves forward great distances while maintaining their poise and balance. Generally speaking, this is effective both in dodging powerful attacks and in closing the distance between themselves and their enemies, and in many confrontations the sisters synchronize their usage of this ability to surprise opponents and swiftly incapacitate them after coming out of one of their disorienting runs. This power is far less effective when ground is not level as there tend to be complications when it is used on hills or other examples of uneven terrain, and if there are any large, unnoticed obstructions in the path of the jump the results are likely to be quite painful. This can also be used while airborne. (Note: This ability can be used to traverse up to several yards in milliseconds, and in many ways it mimics teleportation. The direction of the dash cannot be changed after the ability has been activated, however.)




SCYTHES: The scythes Callia and Palora use are imbued with energy native to Mizuki's world, and are consequentially more powerful than typical versions of these weapons. Also, strikes made with them can have a variety of magical effects that are activated when the sisters make contact with them. Like Mizuki's Aelinos, the scythes used by these two can be summoned at will and do not have to be carried around, giving them all the advantages that being unburdened outside of combat brings. As a quirk of their design, scythes have an exceptionally far reach among melee weapons, and they can be thrown and reliably caught like boomerangs on account of their magical nature. Despite all of this, however, they /are/ bulky, and their size makes them susceptible to quick strikes and movement to which they simply can't respond fast enough.


They -are- NPCs. There shall be no NPC-ception.


SISTERLY BONDS: While the sisters don't necessarily need one another to fight, they are infinitely more powerful when they are together. If one of them is defeated or is otherwise not accessible for a particular battle, they suffer both tangible debuffs and psychological drawbacks. (PL: 32 -> 28)