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The near future Castlevania setting of Aria of Sorrow, set between that game and its direct sequel, Dawn of Sorrow.

Centuries ago, prophecy foretold the chance to end the suffering of those plagued by Dracula's periodic return. It arrived in 1999, when a member of the storied Belmont family once more vanquished the Prince of Darkness, this time sealing his castle and its power in that year's solar eclipse. It seemed the long nightmare had finally come to an end.

Yet, in the current local year of 2035, trouble has once again recently stirred. Even from beyond the eclipse, the apparition of Dracula's castle still beckons and yearns for its master; a young man named Soma Cruz, inheritor of Dracula's powers, though seemingly not his ambitions. That isn't stopping doomsday cults from appearing, just as they did at the turn of the millennium, their leaders craving the return of the legendary vampire, hoping to win his favor, or even to usurp his power for themselves.

How long will it be until the cults turn their hungry eyes on the multiverse? How long will the castle wait for its master?