Castlevania: LoI-1

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It is the late 11th century. In Europe, an army of monsters has appeared, but the Church has forbidden unauthorized conflicts. They are killing heathens, not monsters, after all. However, the power behind these monsters is a vampire lord, ruler of the Demon Castle, and he is not content to leave the mortals to their play at war. The mighty Leon Belmont and his good friend Mathias Cronqvist have kept their company of knights undefeated thus far through a combination of battle prowess and masterful tactics. However, a terrible curse may lie in wait in the future, as well as the beginning of a heroic legacy that will span centuries.

This theme initially takes place prior to the start of Castlevania: Lament of Innocence, by a few years. Events may be accelerated upon unification, however, or they may go completely differently. Only time will tell.