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Multiverse Crisis MUSH - Application Form 5.5.4


1a. Who are you? What is your name or online alias, and what is your age?

2a. Have you roleplayed before, and if so, who and where? If you're new, how'd you find us? If you play here or previously played here, please list all of your current or most recent characters.

3a. Do you need a wiki account? If so, give us a login name (that is not itself a character name) and an e-mail address to associate with it. If you already have one and want one to preserve a secret alt, specify as much.


Your Profile, Advantages, and Disadvantages (Flaws) are your face on the MUSH. They tell people who you are, what you can do, and what you stumble at. Please remove all examples before submitting the application form. (For example --> Name: Your character's name. 18 character limit, no special letters. <-- should simply read --> Name: Link)

1b. Profile

Name: Your character's name. 18 character limit.

Faction: See Factions for details. Concord, Paladins, Watch, Unaffiliated.

Function: What your character does, or a title. Like 'Demon Hunter' or 'Gundam Pilot'. Can be silly or serious.

Series: Your character's series and themelisting number. For example, Pokemon-6, Star Wars-1, etc. 36 character limit.

Quote: Something your character HAS said, or which they might say.

Profile: A general summary of your character, incorporating elements of personality, history, advantages, and disadvantages. Should be brief.

2b. Character Type: What kind of character are you applying for? Categories are FCs (Canon Characters), OFCs (AU takes on canon characters), and OCs (Original Characters).

3b. Advantages

This section is divided into three categories: DEFINING, SIGNIFICANT and MINOR. To see how to fill out Advantages, read:

3b-1. Advantages: Defining

3b-2. Advantages: Significant

3b-3. Advantages: Minor

4b. Disadvantages

This is split into three sections: TROUBLE, SIGNIFICANT and MINOR. To see how to fill out Disadvantages, read:

4b-1. Disadvantages: Trouble

4b-2. Disadvantages: Significant

4b-3. Disadvantages: Minor

5b. Themelisting

If a +themelisting does not already exist for your character, you will have to write one yourself. This should be a concise description of the setting from which the character comes, and if it is a modified/non-canon theme it should usually explain how it diverges from the original. Additionally, we'd be interested in knowing if there are any series -- preferably but not necessarily existing in our standing +themelists -- that you'd be interested in seeing your theme mixing with as neighbors in the Multiverse.


1c. Personality

This section describes your character in terms of their personality, motivations, quirks, fears and aspirations. Give us a good idea of why your character is invested in the Multiverse, how they get themselves into RP, and why they’re fun to play with. Each section must be answered in 100 words or more, ideally less than 400. If in need of inspiration, take a look at Nathan Hall's personality guide.

1c-1. Response to the Multiverse

If you are applying for an FC: How has the Multiverse changed your character or challenged them in new and different ways? If they’re totally new to the Multiverse at the point of application, how do you expect them to react to the reality of new environments and challenges, and how do you think it will change them?

If you are applying for an OC: What do you feel is the driving force behind the character that would bring them out into the Multiverse, instead of staying within their own theme? What compels them to leave and see what the Multiverse has to offer?

If you are applying for an OFC: What did the changes to the original theme do to make the character different from their source material? Answer the above question for OCs as well.

1c-2. Motivation

What best motivates your character to visit other worlds? What sort of things do they react to by getting out the door and pursuing them? What kind of things excite and intrigue them? What kind of things frighten them or give them pause?

1c-3. Good Side

What would you call the brightest point of your character’s personality? Where do they excel as a person, and what are the upsides of knowing them?

1c-4. Bad Side

What would you call the lowest point of your character’s personality? What qualities of theirs are less than ideal? Do they recognize these low points? How do they feel about them? Most importantly, why is this side of their personality fun for other players to play off of?

1c-5. Faction Relations

Why is your character in the faction that they’re in, or failing that, why aren’t they in a faction at all? If you’re in a faction, what sort of conflict might your character have with that faction’s ideology, and how might it be resolved in play?

2c. Background

Give us a brief, concise overview of your character's background.

For OCs and OFCs: Three major moments of your character’s life that shaped them as an individual, explaining how each are important.

For FCs: A quick rundown of “the story so far” in your own words, in full or bullet point format, and justify your portrayal of the personality you intend through the most significant moments.

3c. Combat

This section informs us about your character's ability pertaining to combat RP.

3c-1. Archetype

Which Archetype do you think fits your character best? For a list of Archetypes, refer to: Archetypes and Quirks. Optionally, you can leave this space blank and let staff pick one. You can have staff’s choice changed to your own later on.

3c-2. Role What role does fighting play in your character’s narrative, and what role do they play in the larger context of their theme’s combat narrative? For example, is your character the flagship protagonist of a combat heavy plot? The team head who leads the heroes to save the world? The scrappy underdog who triumphs through smarts and resourcefulness? The ultimate final boss who seeks world domination? The renegade who gets in everyone’s way, hero and villain alike? Are they a supporting character who rarely fights themselves? Are they from a series where combat barely or never happens? Are they from a series that is overwhelmingly focused on combat? Furthermore, how does this role pan out in the context of MCM as a setting? Is it altered or recontextualized?

3c-3. Style Where would you say your character’s specialties lie if you had to evaluate them up or down? Is your character glass cannon? A big, slow, heavy hitter? Hard to hit but very fragile? A tank/turtle? Are they just balanced across the board? If they are, where would you say their biggest strength is anyways?

3c-3b. Stats Optionally, split 100 points between Power (how much damage your character can dish out, Precision (how accurate and consistent your character’s attacks are), Endurance (how well your character can resist damage), and Mitigation (how well your character can actively reduce exposure to attacks). The numbers you assign are to inform staff only, and do not translate directly into anything.

Power: 0
Precision: 0
Endurance: 0
Mitigation: 0

4c. Why? (OPTIONAL): This question must only be answered if you're applying for a Restricted concept, or if Staff prompts you to answer it. Why do you want to play this character? What do you want to do with them that you can't get out of something else, or something more simple? Can you handle it if it doesn't work out? What do you want to get out of it RP-wise, and what do you expect other people to get out of it in turn? This question Must Be Answered if you are applying for a character in Banned, including Exalted & Fate/ properties.

5c. Miscellaneous: This is just a miscellaneous field. If you have any notes or special requests (potential defection notices, for example), this is the place to put them.

Once you're done filling the application form out, submit it in the body of an e-mail to with a subject line of: Character Application - NAME - FACTION