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Chika (Scenesys ID: 577)
"W-waaait! You're going to need a good meal before you hunt something so big! Or is it my a-meow-zing fighting skills you need?"
Full Name: Chika
Gender: Female
Species: Felyne
Theme: (OC) Monster Hunter-1
Function: Felyne Comrade
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Syndicate (5-Lookout)
Groups: Syndicate
Other Information
Physical Age: 2 years Actual Age: 2 years
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor:
Height: 3'1" Weight: 30 lbs.
Hair Color: Cream and Brown Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:


The world of Wyveria is infamous for its deadly monsters, but did you know it's home to a race of sapient cat-people, too? While some Felynes are more interested in banditry than home cooking, CHIKA lives to be helpful by providing a wide variety of skills and services to any hunter in need! Her specialized armors and costumes enhance her wide-ranging talents. Need a meal? She'll put on her Chef's Uniform! Need someone to watch your back in a fight? Time for her Lagombi Armor! Are you injured? She'll play a healing song from her Health Flute! Although her breadth of talent limits her expertise for any single task, she makes up for any shortcomings with her curiosity, bravery, and enthusiasm. Willing to travel far and wide to hone her skills and find adventure, Chika may sometimes find herself in over her head, but she's not one to give up easy!



FELYNE COMRADE: Chika comes equipped with the skills and gear necessary to assist a professional Monster Hunter in his or her travels. These skills include cooking, resource gathering, wilderness navigation, and combat support. Chika dresses in specialized armors and costumes in order to best augment her baseline talents. Without the right gear, she's not nearly as effective, especially in a fight! Chika benefits most from supporting others, but she'll venture out on her own, too.

UNEXPECTED GUEST: Whether it's by magic teleportation or some other Felyne trick of the trade, Chika has a knack for showing up at places even when and where doing so should be impossible. She seems unaware that this is anything odd, and won't explain if asked about it. She can leave a place with similar ease, but only if unobserved. Using this power on demand is impossible. (Consent may be required.)


CHEF: From simple trail rations to gourmet dinners, Chika can expertly prepare any meal she sets her mind to making -- provided she has the materials. The results are better if she's properly costumed.

SURVIVALIST: When it comes to living in the wild, Chika's almost an expert! She can identify edible plants, set snares for wild game, construct adequate temporary structures, and build fires from only a couple of twigs. She's also a skilled navigator even under poor conditions. Of course, all this only applies to Wyveria. Her knowledge may not translate well to foreign worlds.

REPAIR-CAT: Chika can repair damage to clothing and armor, if given the right supplies. She's not an expert, and her work won't survive the next engagement, but her patches might at least serve to get a hunter home in one piece.

ACROBAT: Like the cats her species so closely resembles, Chika is agile, able to climb, leap, and balance with surprising grace. In the event of a fall, she tends to land on her feet, though not always.


SPECIALIZED ARMOR: Chika can change into a variety of armors to suit whatever battle she's about to face. Some are resistant to the elements. Others may confer special gifts, like speed boosts or enhanced strength. Most benefits are balanced by equal weaknesses, such as a fire-protective armor being vulnerable to cold damage. All suits are made from materials acquired in her native world's many monster hunts. (See +info Chika/Armors for PL ranges and other key details.)

FELYNE WEAPONRY: In addition to hand-thrown explosive bombs and a far-flying boomerang, Chika can wield various weapons tuned to whatever fight she's joining. Her basic go-to weapon is a broad-bladed Yukumo Cat Wooden Sword. For a fight where something needs to be bludgeoned, she's got the Enormous Cat Acorn, a kind of hammer or mace. She's also got an icy Lagombi Cat Stick, which is great against fire-aligned monsters! Some of her bombs cause status effects like temporary sleep or poison that can slow down or weaken her opponents. (Cannot change melee weapons mid-combat, but may still throw bombs or her boomerang. Consent may be required for some effects.)

MAGIC FLUTES: Part of Chika's inventory includes various magical flutes. When the right tune is played on these flutes, she can temporarily enhance her own or her hunter companion's abilities, granting greater effectiveness in battle either defensively or offensively. One contains a healing spell capable of reducing the severity of any sustained injuries. Another flute grants increased elemental resistances, and yet another grants underwater breathing. She carries these flutes in an easy-to-reach place on her belt. (PL 20 without other armor. Flutes may be used mid-combat, but introducing AID and swapping armor modes may be subject to consent and round penalties per combat rules.)

CHEF'S UNIFORM: While wearing this uniform, Chika's a much better cook. The Chef's Uniform -- including white hat and paw-stamped apron -- enables her to create various foods and meals from purchased, harvested, or gathered ingredients. Some pre-made meals can be delivered on the fly for mid-fight boosts to health or abilities! Although she can't contribute much to an ongoing battle while wearing her Chef's Uniform, she still carries her frying pan like she means business. (PL 20. May not swap from this armor mode mid-combat.)

GUILD MEMBER: Chika's a member of Wyveria's Hunter's Guild. She has access to key information which may be helpful to her hunting companion, such as known monster vulnerabilities and attack patterns. It also guarantees her a friendly place to sleep no matter what Wyverian town or village she visits. The Hunter's Guild is responsible for informing its members about what needs killing or who needs help where, too, which means Chika may never be bored!

Available Armor

+info Chika/Armors:

LAGOMBI ARMOR: Although she later hopes to acquire different armors for different kinds of fights, right now, all Chika has is a light leather poncho and bunny-eared hood made from a hunted Lagombi's pelt. The armor affords good protection against the cold as well as a high degree of maneuverability, but it doesn't stand up well against intense heat. (PL 25 when equipped with any Felyne Weaponry listed in assets.) WEAKNESS: Fire-based damage deals 4 extra points per attack/combo.




ELEMENTAL WEAKNESSES: On Wyveria, opposites definitely do not attract. Depending on the type of armor worn by Chika, she may be vulnerable to elements of an opposing alignment! For example, her Lagombi Armor leaves her more vulnerable to fire-based attacks, resulting in greater injury. Other armors may be weak to a dragon's claws, or conduct electricity to her detriment. (See +info Chika/Armors for specifics.)

CAT'S CURIOSITY: Chika's interest in all things may sometimes lead her into a bad situation. She might get involved in a fight without adequate preparation, or become distracted from her assigned task by something more intriguing. This may sometimes make her appear foolish or flighty, or cause her to fail to act at a key moment. She can also be taken in by catnip's allure. (Use of catnip will effectively stun Chika for one round. Consent may be required.)

A CAT AMONG GIANTS: Most of Chika's potential foes are going to be much, much bigger than she is; as it is, she's only about half the size of an average human. Although her melee weapons are oversized to help offset the issue of her limited range, she still needs to get pretty close in order to be effective. The sizing of her weapons also causes clumsiness -- she's prone to falling over if her attacks miss, which can slow her down or leave her vulnerable.

NOT VERY TOUGH: A Felyne can only take so much punishment! If Chika feels like her life is in danger, she'll run from the battlefield, or cower down in an attempt to look small and cute. This tends to turn back most monsters on Wyveria who stop recognizing her as any kind of threat, but may not be as effective against larger, more savage monsters, or opponents who have any kind of intelligence. Once she's been beaten out of a fight, she's done -- she won't jump back in even if she receives medical attention. Only the most demanding circumstances will give her the courage to re-enter an abandoned conflict. (Consent required to return to any abandoned battle.)


Ysabel Thibault


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Chasing the Dream September 25th, 2014 Having learned the Doctor is looking for malevolent red flowers to turn Mimiga into his personal weapons of death, our heroes rush to the sand zone hoping to get there first and put an end to his evil scheme.


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