Childhood Fantasies (Elliana Fairchild)

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Childhood Fantasies (Elliana Fairchild)
Date of Cutscene: 18 June 2013
Location: In Dreams
Synopsis: Trapped in her dream realm by the entity bound inside her, one of Elliana's allies has noticed her odd behavior and attempted to reach out. His efforts reflect in an odd manner.
Cast of Characters: Duet Fortuna
Tinyplot: Wrathborn

The bustle of the capital was tiring, but invigorating at the same time. Elliana had never /seen/ so many people in one place! The huge buildings, the garishly-dressed nobles, the clean and friendly guardmen... it was exactly as she'd expected her first trip to the city to go.

Exactly... as she'd envisioned.

Something about that thought nags at her, making her blink and shake her head. In that moment, she catches a glimpse of something out of place, though. Two boys, a few years older than her. Ragged... filthy even. Slim to the point of starving. They catch her eyes, glaring dangerously, sending a shiver down her spine that has her fingers lacing with her mother's instinctively...

She blinks. The boys are gone. Was it just her imagination?


Elliana looks down to her feet, the child startled again! Yet this time... it's because of a cat. A cat with an odd collar of cloth, with strange symbols upon it, but a cat nonetheless. Purring, rubbing against her ankle, the works. The blonde stares downward, dumbfounded for a moment...

Then she reaches down and scoops up the cat with her one hand. She doesn't release her mother's, but by holding the black and gray cat in the crook of her arm, she can tickle under his chin. "You startled me, kitty," she smiles. "But you made me feel a little better. Almost like magic. Are you owned? Lost?"

She pauses to look up, and her mother smiles to her, tolerating the choice of friendly pet.

"I like that you made me feel better," Elliana smiles. "I think I'll call you..."