Chris Rothschild

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Chris Rothschild (Scenesys ID: 283)
"Everyone needs something to do... we can't just live aimlessly."
Full Name: Christoph Rothschild
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: (OC) Fate/Stay Night-2
Function: Haaaaaax!
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Union (20-Ally)
Other Information
Physical Age: Late Teens Actual Age: 18
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor:
Height: 6'2" Weight:
Hair Color: Eye Color:
Theme Song:


To most magic-users of his world, Chris Rothschild is practically insane, or at the very least a living contradiction. Most magi of the world he lives in absolutely disdain technology, so to find a young man skilled in magecraft who not only doesn't hate it, but actively embraces it, is all but unheard of. And Chris? Chris is perfectly happy with that. It means they don't know where to look for him - it means they don't even know /to/ look for him, and that suits a hacker-slash-magus who wants nothing to do with the Association just fine. He's always been a loner, partially by choice, partially because his towering frame and angry-seeming countenance have always marked him as something of a 'thug' in most peoples' minds. And with magical skill that can only be described as average at best, outside of his area of expertise, the young man has little to offer almost any other magus anyway. But even a loner NEET living off his hacking skills can't drift forever, and the discovery that he's been picked as a Master for the next Holy Grail War has finally given Chris something he's been desperately needing: A goal to work towards. Where that goal will take him, no one can say.










ONE OF THOSE FACES: Christoph has one of those faces. He always looks a little on the dour side, if not outright angry. The naturally ill-tempered look tends to be troublesome for him, landing him the first impression of a delinquent in many cases. His generally quiet manner doesn't do a lot to offset this.

SOCIALLY AWKWARD: It's not Christoph's fault he's kind of socially stunted. He's always been a bit of a loner, and it got worse when he started growing and didn't stop. Having magus parents didn't help. So it's not his fault he's uncomfortable in large gatherings and has a hard time talking to people, honest! (Strangely, this doesn't seem to hinder him when he's fast-talking a password out of someone...)

INVOLUNTARY STOICISM: As a further extension of this, Christoph has difficulty expressing his emotions, whether verbally or even visually. It can be difficult to tell just what he's feeling without getting to know him a bit better.

HEH: While generally a fairly good person most of the time, if Christoph spots the opportunity to teach a lesson or cause particularly amusing mischief in cyberspace that doesn't edge into malicious territory, even if it doesn't directly benefit him, it can be difficult for him to resist the temptation. 'L0K1' is a capricious trickster god, after all.


Title Date Scene Summary
The Grandfather of All Magic November 13th, 2014 All fragments of the original Lordsouls are required to succeed Gwyn, but Priscilla makes it her personal mission to claim Seath's first.
Land of the Ancient Lords November 3rd, 2014 Priscilla's search for the absent gods of Lordran takes her to the depths of Ash Lake, where she instead finds a survivor of the Age of Ancients; a living everlasting dragon.
House of the Dead (Apostle) October 29th, 2014 Heroes investigate a house said to contain a Dead Apostle on the outskirts of the Vatican. Bad jokes are also told a lot.
The Lineage of the Sun Gods September 17th, 2014 Though knight Oscar of Astora was crowned the Chosen amongst the undead, the union as a whole has managed the one hundred collective victories required to claim passage from the Battle of Stoicism by skill, moxie, brute strength, and good old fashioned cheating via offworld technology and magic. After The Legend, Father of Giants, bequeathed the sun god's seal, allowing them access into the mythical city of the gods, Anor Londo, the Union now makes its triumphant debut into the ancient metropolis to see through the retrieval of the Lordvessel and the inauguration of the new divine king.
   Things are never that simple.
The Battle of Stoicism September 9th, 2014 Though Sen's Fortress lies conquered, the Union have allowed Oscar to be (perhaps rightfully) the Chosen in place of one of their own; a choice which will most definitely bring benefits and consequences yet unforseen. As the Union's last hope of entering Anor Londo, their champions must compete in the tournament of the ancient gods: The Battle of Stoicism. Her, phantom fights phantom to the death over and over again until a victor emerges, being granted honorary passage to the city of the gods for their skill at arms. Remember to bow!
Fortress of the Ancient Gods September 3rd, 2014 A suicidally brave team of Elites tackle the hallowed grounds of Sen's Fortress, only to find Oscar and his companions have gotten there first.
Opened Ways Part 2 August 27th, 2014 The continuation to Both of the Opened Ways.
Advent of the Kingseeker August 12th, 2014 Having rung both Bells of Awakening, Kingseeker Frampt awakens from his slumber to elucidate the fate of the undead.
Growl From The Depths Of The Earth July 22nd, 2014 Priscilla asks for help exploring the deeper levels of the Burg, seeking one of the Bells.
Pilgrimage Through the Mad City July 2nd, 2014 Several members of the Union escort a young woman and her bodyguards through Undead Burg, but it does not go as planned.
WMAT B1 Saber of Silver vs. Ariah June 23rd, 2014 It's a battle of two silver-haired girls in B bracket! Come see the mysterious Ariah fighting the mysterious Saber of Silver!
The Dance to Precede Beatdowns June 18th, 2014 Mizuki prepares a dance the day before the 27th WMAT.


Title Date Scene Summary
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