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Somewhere, there rests a world of great beauty -- a place of nostalgic, mystical landscapes, varied cultures, and a rich history that has an uncanny tendency to come to life before one's very eyes. This small planet's face has changed much over the years, cycling between a prehistoric jungle, a medieval kingdom, and a modern metropolis all over the passage of epochs. In some ages it has looked idyllic, and in others it has looked horrific, but at all points it has been as a ship sailing onward upon the ginger tides of time. In this way, it is not so different from the Earth that many have come to know.

Beyond all these romantic features, though, rests something darker; something which conceals itself deep beneath the crust, treating this ever-changing plane as its cocoon. That thing is Lavos, a celestial parasite of purportedly indomitable strength who has cultivated this world so that, when the time comes, it will be fully ripe for its plucking. Unfortunately, few live who could challenge this being's might and even fewer who know that such a terrible entity exists. So people carry on, blissfully unaware of the uncertainty that looms on their horizon and too preoccupied with the affairs of their present day to realize the ages old plot that has crept around them since the dawn of humanity.

This is certainly true of the current era as well. It is the time of the 'Eternal' Kingdom of Zeal where magic reigns supreme and those bereft of it are forced to live as slaves bound to the frigid surface world. It is a place of ignorance and knowledge, grandeur and poverty. The illustrious Queen Zeal rules over her airborne domain with a fist composed of paranoia and magic's might, fighting at all costs to achieve immortality by unlocking the depths of Lavos' power. Little do her subjects know how perilously close her efforts drive her -- and them -- to being consumed by the power they seek to wield.

Just what consequences will these lofty pursuits have, in the end? Will the Kingdom of Zeal flourish as it has for thousands of years hence and proceed to earn its title? Or will the city be destroyed and have all its many accomplishments scattered to the winds of time?

Few can know, but many will try to.