Chrysalis of Eternity-1

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Chrysalis is an idyllic world characterized mainly by floating continents, archipelagos, and a sea so wide that it comprises nearly 90% of the surface. The land lacks political segregation beyond identifying settlements as 'cities', and perhaps as a result, war rarely occurs. More odd, though, is the fact that it is nearly impossible to find someone who is 'unhappy', or at the least one who is experiencing a problem with any sort of long-term impact. It's as if sadness itself is a foreign concept to the locals, and if spoken of publicly people will often refer to it as though it were some sort of physical ailment.

And speaking of 'alien ideas', death and mortality are something the residents have absolutely no experience with. No one here ever passes away for reasons that few understand and fewer seek to contemplate. To them, this is simply the way that things have always been, and the idea of death is more unusual than the concept of eternal life.

This is not true of everyone, however. The occasional sour individual is more than likely a member of Glitch, a large-scale rebel organization that works in the shadows. Their ultimate goal is the elimination of the world's elusive 'Overseer', Euphonia, whom they claim is restricting their freedom to an oppressive extent. These people seldom appear in the open for fear of being abducted by authorities, so few exist openly who can clarify the meaning of their battle cry, and the true meaning of 'freedom' has never been elucidated for the general populace.

Most technology is powered by vibrations whose specific functions and energy output levels are codified by musical melodies. Music is also able to amplify the abilities of 'Empaths', people who are capable of directly translating their emotions into magic. Through these systems, Chrysalis has been able to develop technology that rivals modernity while preserving a sort of traditional, pastoral iteration of the nature which exists alongside humanity.

This universe seems quite pleasant at a glance, and yet the more astute may still have visions -- glimpses of something much more dismal, lingering just on the periphery of sensation...