Ciaran (Dropped)

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Ciaran (Scenesys ID: 396)
"Such conceit. How did you imagine that the Lord's Blade would not reach you?"
Full Name: Lord's Blade Ciaran
Gender: Female
Species: Goddess
Theme: (FC) Dark Souls-2R
Function: Lord's Blade
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Union (20-Ally)
Other Information
Physical Age: Unknown Actual Age: Unknown
Still Aging? Unknown Voice Actor: Hannah John-Kamen
Height: 5'5" Weight:  ??
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Green
Theme Song:


The Lord's Blade, Ciaran, is first among an order of inhuman assassins renowned for their ability to traverse shadow and confound the mind. Her skill and stealth are equaled only by her loyalty to Lord Gwyn; as one of his Four Knights, she is dedicated to Light and Life, and she toils ceaselessly in the battle against the creeping Dark. Ciaran is dignified, reserved, and as cool as the porcelain mask that hides her face, yet despite her preference for solitude, she is capable of kindness and friendship where it is earned. Engraved upon the ring she wears is a hornet in flight -- a fitting sigil for one whose poison-tipped dagger delivers a deadly sting.










INHUMAN: Ciaran has difficulties relating to human perspective. The folly of humanity has frequently earned her open disdain. She finds it difficult to understand or sympathize with problems she deems the result of human foolishness, and may consider the resolution of such problems to be a waste of her time. As a result, her working relationship with anyone obviously human may sometimes be strained.

DETACHED: No assassin wants to befriend that which she may be asked to kill. Ciaran is no different -- she does not go out of her way to establish any camaraderie outside her order. A true friend is therefore a rare discovery. That she's so pragmatic about death and its necessity may also make it difficult for her to empathize with those who prefer to redeem their enemies. She does not mind the solitude, and indeed guards it, having long ago accepted it as part of her fate.

DRAGONFEAR: Working beside humanity is a tolerable discomfort; however, to stand beside any dragons and their kin requires a significant exertion of willpower. Ciaran does not trust anything draconic, even if it is proven, without a doubt, to have no association with the Everlasting Dragons she battled in another age. She will do what is asked of her, of course, for she is a loyal knight; however, her obvious mistrust will not be easy for her or her allies to overlook.

ONE OF FOUR: Any danger brought upon one of the other Four Knights -- Artorias, Ornstein, or Gough -- will call for Ciaran's response. She is highly dedicated to her brethren, to the degree that she will put herself at extreme risk if it means coming to their aid. The dismay she suffers whenever Artorias is placed in danger is the most potent. She would lay down her life for him.

OATHBOUND: The dedication she has for her fellow Four Knights is similarly demonstrated in her desire to maintain and protect her vows. Ciaran will go to great lengths to retain her loyalty to Lord Gwyn, even if it means putting other alliances aside.


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