Circe (Dropped)

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Circe (Scenesys ID: 701)
"Are you man or beast?"
Full Name: Circe
Gender: Female
Species: Servant
Theme: (OC) Fate/Stay Night-4
Function: Caster
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Confederacy (20-Ally)
Other Information
Physical Age: 20s Actual Age: Immortal
Still Aging? No Voice Actor: Gillian Anderson
Height: 5'4" tall Weight: 180 lbs
Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Red
Theme Song:


Caster is a Servant in the Fifth Holy Grail War. Caster hails from ancient times, and her desire is to obtain godhood that was denied her in her lifetime. For all her power, she still was not a divinity herself, and after all her time spent searching for a way to ascend beyond mere immortality to divinity, she perished without achieving her dream. Now, she has been summoned as a Heroic Spirit. A fickle and independent personality renders her difficult to command, and her magecraft from the Age of Gods allows her to violate many established rules of modern thaumaturgy, making her dangerous for any Master. Further, she has a tendency for jealousy of those who possess what she can not have, and this can drive her to take cruel vengeance that makes enemies and/or leaves said enemies able to seek vengeance in turn - or even turn the tables on her, in her fury. But when her goals and views align with her Master's, great things can come about. Caster is capable of temporary weather control, animating trees, warping others into monsters, teleportation, flight, and even the summoning of an entire island. Brewing potions of healing or harm are her specialty, though she is also able to fire projectiles of pure prana, cast curses, and all the magecraft expected of a Caster from the Age of Gods. However, she is best at indirect combat due to being physically weaker than the other classes of Servants, and in a straight-up fight with powerful foes, she may be at a disadvantage.










BROKEN REALITY: Caster's witchcraft is extremely potent and carries with it particularly nasty side-effects for her as the wielder. Her mind has been damaged to the extent that she sometimes unleashes illusory effects upon her surroundings in the vicinity of her palace, uncontrollably. This effect only occurs at night, and only on the Island of the Tempest. While not dangerous in the conventional sense, it is a strain on her sanity to have to deal with these experiences, and they are a distraction from potential attackers. Effectively, when this environment manifests, all of Caster's abilities are lowered. Caster frequently has to give up sleep if she is in her "Winter Home". Her Master and anyone else in her vicinity when this occurs MAY be subject to the same illusions, but the only one guaranteed to be affected is Caster herself. In addition to the weakening of her combat abilities, distinguishing reality from illusion is very difficult for Caster as well, making adjusting to the reduced abilities unlikely. Further, though she is a wielder of illusion herself, the illusions of others are difficult for her to pierce, meaning she falls for them more often and has a harder time identifying them. (PL: 32 -> PL 28)

BY OATH BE BOUND: Caster respects and reveres the gods, even if she wishes to be among them. Getting her to swear by the names of her gods is as solid a binding agreement as one can get, and she will NEVER violate such, even if there is technically no mystical compulsion keeping her from doing so. Further, any of the gods she revered who wish something of her will be heeded, and those who claim to serve them or be on a quest from them may be afforded trust, leniency, or cooperation that would not otherwise be given. Someone who lies about such a thing, especially OBVIOUSLY lying, is not going to be trusted or given anything, but whether actually serving the gods or not, as long as Caster believes it, she'll be cooperative and accomodating.

INDIRECT COMBATANT: Compared to completely normal humans, Caster is quite strong, but her strength as a combatant is in indirect combat, weakening enemies, exploiting vulnerabilities, and setting up situations to her advantage by removing the enemy's own advantages. She is weak in direct combat, especially when it comes to brute force conflicts rather than those requiring finesse. Despite her magecraft ability, she is not on the same level as more offensively-oriented Servants, and won't take their hits as well. Further, when forced into direct combat, she may panic or not be able to plan effectively, or even surrender or flee.

JEALOUS AND CRUEL: Not NECESSARILY romantic jealousy (though it can be), Caster becomes extroardinarily envious of those who have things she wants, especially when she cannot get them. She will go to extreme lengths to either obtain what she desires or to punish those who deny her. She can be rather irrational about this, and that can leave her vulnerable to those with clearer heads. Further, her cruelty drives her to punish opponents, not destroy them: to make them suffer. This can allow them to live to fight another day, to turn the tables on her, or to get revenge in turn. By not finishing opponents off, she invites reprisal. Further, after using her Bestial Transfiguration once, her identity will likely be able to be figured out by those who witnessed it, and they will be on-guard for further uses.

PRANA: Like all Servants, Caster requires a constant flow of magical energy just to simply exist. The connection to her Master provides her with enough prana to anchor her to the material plane; however, her thaumaturgy from the Age of Gods is extremely expensive in terms of energy, and additional sources of prana are required in order to function at full power. Weapons which disrupt the flow of prana can hinder Caster's attacks and even injure her.

PRESENCE: Caster's magical presence is significant, and those sensitive to magic may detect her even when she is incorporeal, making stealth difficult.


Title Date Scene Summary
Restoring Majora's Mask at Death Mountain September 14th, 2015 Majora's Mask is brought to Death Mountain to recharge.
Caster LF Worshippers September 8th, 2015 A trial run of a plan to curry faith from tribals goes sideways
Swords Without Cause May 15th, 2015 Gaonoir makes a deal with a Digimon and that Digimon decides to carry out the deal for the sake of his people. Only he will learn the hard way, that you should never make a deal with the devil dog.
Curses and Clarity May 4th, 2015 In which Lute tries to get curses off of himself by visiting a Servant who curses people.
AWftF: Full Frontal Assault April 26th, 2015 Rex takes the fight to Kakarot, while Yuri leads an infiltration team abroad the Bardock.
New Blood: The Secret of Eveningstar March 1st, 2015 A Shajem has been found under Eveningstar. Binding it proves to be complicated.
Price Of Repayment February 24th, 2015 Duke carries out Lute's request in the agreement with Caster and Kari Wolf. Only to find the unexpected and the power within himself he didn't know he had.
The Bloody Tide February 19th, 2015 San Francisco is overrun by undead squids. While Crimson deals with the source of the problem, everyone else keeps the horde from destroying the city's population.
Getting shot is very inconvenient February 17th, 2015 Sanary does a dumb thing with a shotgun and gets healing help from Caster and Psalm!
Core of Frost February 14th, 2015 The Confederacy is after something in the Cavern of Ice! Two Cavern-based missions, one week apart. What are they up to? The Union responds, but the Confederacy has their own problems...
Core of Stone February 7th, 2015 Deep below the Earth, a huge Confederate force is on the move. The Union responds, while the Confederates engage a beast of legend in a battle for its magical heart.
Mediterranean Magic January 27th, 2015 A piece of rock in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea is the key to Psalm entering the Grail War. Another Master and his Servant come along to make sure all is well. And also to sight-see.


Title Date Scene Summary
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Other Magecraft abilities that Caster is capable of include prana projectiles, bounded fields (magical barriers and force fields), mystical flight, sensing prana and leylines, and similar thaumaturgy on a scale that a Caster from the Age of Gods can employ.


Caster is able to create or build places known as Territories or Domains where her magecraft is significantly enhanced beyond its usual level. However, she has a specialized "primary" Territory known as the "Winter Home". The Winter Home has incredible defenses but requires a vast amount of prana just to keep active temporarily without Caster's "Sorceress's Stave".

WINTER HOME ~ ISLAND OF THE TEMPEST: Another part of Caster's legend, the Winter Home is an entire island that serves as a created Territory. In this case, due to the level of her skill, she can summon her entire "Island of the Tempest" at an oceanic location of her choosing, after a month of preparation, rage reagents, and a great deal of prana. Within the area of her Winter Home, Caster's already-formidable magecraft is completely beyond modern magi. Invading the Island of the Tempest is as easy or as difficult as Caster makes it, meaning she can permit visitors or render it practically impossible for intruders to enter without significant Anti-Magic or some other specialized Bounded Field (magical forcefields and barriers) penetration method. Those with the proper means can possibly infiltrate or force their way through, but non-Elites are essentially not going to get in or even locate the island.

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