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Cocoa (Scenesys ID: 884)
"I'm not running away, I'm withdrawing! There's a huge difference!"
Full Name: Cocoa ????
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Theme: (OFC) Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds-1R
Function: Uriel the Warrior
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Unaffiliated (N/A)
Groups: None
Other Information
Physical Age: 16/18 Actual Age: 16
Still Aging? Slowly Voice Actor: Ai Matayoshi
Height: 150cm/157cm Weight: 42kg/44kg
Hair Color: Brown/Purple Eye Color: Red
Theme Song:


A geeky nobody girl granted the power to warp her world into a video game following her victory in Phantom's dimensional tournament, Cocoa could be considered one of Phantom's numerous envoys, a warrior whose purpose is defeating other competitors to weaken the barriers between worlds and allow his return. Normally somewhat meek, sheltered, addicted to video games, shy and incapable of defending herself, when she transforms into Uriel, her idealized video game avatar, she becomes an uncaring killer who likes a good fight, but above all hates being called Cocoa. Capable of acting with confidence and self-worth only when transformed, she seems to lack the ability to tell right from wrong, seeing only fun and boring instead. Though Cocoa is powerless, as Uriel, she can warp reality to match her favorite MMORPG, "T-DA", and uses Kusenia's Claw to great effect in melee, being a ruthless offensive pusher.



  • The Warrior, Uriel: While transformed by her F.A. (see +assets), Cocoa becomes the mighty Uriel, a warrior with superhuman speed, strength and endurance. Her voice and appearance change completely (and she gains two years, to help), preventing her civilian identity from being ratted out. She can do things like flash step, jump fairly high, and even fly for a little while thanks to the wings on her outfit.
  • It's All A Video Game: Cocoa possesses reality-manipulating powers, allowing her to overlap elements from her favorite MMORPG, T-DA, with local reality. She may turn bystanders into monsters or bring forth the monsters from the game outright (see NPCs section). She can change single buildings into their MMORPG equivalents (a restaurant into a tavern, a shop into a blacksmith, etc.) and those inside into equivalent patrons, shopkeeps or clients. If given half a hour to a hour, she could change a whole city block, wandering about from building to building. Given days, she could change a whole city. These changes are permanent, but many means to revert them exist, such as: beating or destroying transformed targets (revert fully and healthy, but might be exhausted/worn out), anti-magic or dispels of all kinds (innate resistance of the target, local world effects that restore normalcy, etc.), reality manipulating powers, and other such effects that can revert or prevent harmful reality manipulation. (Consent definitely required.)


  • Combat Skills: As Uriel, Cocoa possesses a large amount of experience in melee combat using her claws, bare hands and feet. She's capable of aerial combat and some measure of ranged combat through magical projectiles.
  • Gaming: Cocoa is an avid gamer and able to quickly master new games through spending unhealthy amounts of time playing (on her own if necessary).


  • Kusenia’s Claw: A Fu-mantion Artifact (F.A.) that takes the form of a large clawed hand. Like other F.A. Kusenia's Claw bends space and time when it attacks, damaging local reality; this has no immediate effect, but may allow, for example, a seal between realities to weaken and eventually break, allowing whatever was sealed out back in. Due to this property, attacks made with the claws are unusually good at bypassing physical defenses, but not magical ones. The claws can extend, grow, produce flames, shoot generic magical projectiles, create generic magical barriers to shield Cocoa, and do other assorted clawy things. The outfit provided when she transforms is equivalent to heavy armor while still being nothing but clothes.


  • Have You Met My Raid Boss?: More than just change buildings, Cocoa may turn people into typical MMORPG creatures (beasts, goblins, undead, hostile plantlife, assorted creatures, giant birds-- you name it) of little to no power (no PL individually, up to PL 30 when in large, large quantity). Transformed people can be reverted back per It's All A Video Game (+powers). Where she truly shines is her ability to call forth the named creatures and bosses of that same game, without needing a test subject to transform: say, a gigantic dragon, a mysterious dark knight, an immense golem, essentially typical MMORPG bosses with telegraphed breath weapons, shockwave stomps, etc. These are much more powerful, but Cocoa may only have one summoned at any given time. These vanish when destroyed, or when Cocoa retreats. (PL 33 max, but most are usually around 30-31.) (Transformation typically only works on non-Elites. Consent required.)


  • Actually A Huge Nerd: Under the costume of Uriel is a nerdy lone girl who just doesn't know how to deal with people or make friends. So instead of looking inward, she just lies, cheats, and pretends to be some hardcore evil killer. She isn't a very good liar, although she's a pretty good actor when transformed. Still, there are plenty of ways to learn of and abuse her insecurities, and plenty of ways to make her react negatively when prodded too much.
  • Kind Of A Magical Girl: Though not explicitely part of the designation, Cocoa still needs her F.A. (see +assets) in order to transform. She keeps it inside a rabbit plush when it isn't in-use. Though it would be very hard to disarm her when transformed (without literally disarming her), until she uses it, it's pretty easy to steal from her (if someone knows what to look for), and she's pretty much completely powerless without it.
  • Easy To Use: Cocoa isn't very difficult to bribe to do what you want her to. Her loyalty can be difficult to keep if she spots something more interesting to do, something that both benefits people looking to use her but also means they need to pay attention and make sure she's kept on-course the entire way.
  • Edgelord: Defined as "someone who tries way too hard to be edgy". And that's Cocoa to a T. Her choice of colors to wear, the bloodied free-flowing bandages everywhere, the big dangerous claw, the intense pleasure she makes sure is visible when killing or hurting people. Cocoa tries very, very hard to be an edgy, badass-looking villain. This can lead to making bad choices for the sake of coming across as mean, angering the wrong people at the wrong time, or just generally ruining her relationships with people.


Title Date Scene Summary
Touhou Kakudai Stage 2 - The Blocks of Home October 6th, 2015 In another attempt at expansion, this time Louise takes her attempt at trying, things go better than expected!
Dead World: Earth 119-610-PB September 30th, 2015 Unsynched old content isn't challenging enough.


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