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Connor Kenway (Scenesys ID: -1)
"The time for forgiveness has passed."
Full Name: Ratonhnhaké:ton
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: (FC) Assassin's Creed-3R
Function: Assassin Brave
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Union (LC)
Groups: The Hashshashins, Syndicate Network, Users.Net, Gatecrashers Union, Last Chancers
Other Information
Physical Age: Mid 20s Actual Age: 26
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor:
Height: 6'2" Weight: ~200lbs
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Blue (Formerly brown)
Theme Song:


Ratonhnhaké:ton, known by the name of Connor Kenway, was born of a British father and Mohawk mother, heir to a millennia-old secret war. Living in the midst of the late American Colonial Era, the fires of war ignited around him following the razing of his village, and he swore vengeance for the waste that had been lain. He took on the name of Connor Kenway in order to seek revenge for his murdered mother. Even after learning that his destiny had ALWAYS been with the Brotherhood, Connor's main motivation to fight continues to be revenge for his mother and his people. The circumstances of his mother's death have left him with a mild fear of fire, and his lack of proper upbringing has left him without much of the common sense and social knowledge that most from his world have. Quiet, contemplative and vengeful -- though single-minded and at times naive -- his skill with bow and axe, with sword and his hidden blade are as brutal and deadly as any of his order who had come before him. However, his lack of knowledge about modern weapons makes it difficult for him to pick up the skills to operate them. Perhaps surprising for an Assassin, Connor is somewhat of an idealist. He prefers to believe that people can be redeemed, that it's not always necessary to kill them. Should his enemy turn down his mercy, however, he has proven that he can be ruthlessly brutal in ending a life... as perhaps befits an Assassin. Though he often finds his loyalties divided between the Mohawk and the Order of Assassins, he will always do what he thinks is right. As much as his brutality befits an Assassin, his naivety means he will always follow his heart.










Overuse: Connor's animal powers come with a price. Heavy use of his powers us a drain on his stamina, and if he uses them too much, he may find himself without the strength to fight at all, with animal powers or no.

Distinctive: Between the facial tattoos and the ghostly blue eyes, he's probably not going to be blending in anywhere unless he's wearing his hood. Not without contact lenses and judicious use of makeup, anyway. Not only that, but the now-stronger bond between himself and his spirits animals has made him even MORE of a predator-- his gaze is piercing, and he radiates that indefinable something that sets prey to running. It's likely to make more than a few people nervous.

Torn Loyalties: Connor is a member of the Brotherhood of Assassins, but his ultimate allegiance seems to be entirely with his people, the Mohawk. This is unheard of in the order of the Assassins, who live only for the Creed regardless of their previous nationalities; it is what makes them all brothers despite whatever political affiliation they had prior to joining the Order. Connor can sometimes be at odds with the Creed, and this can lead him to hesitate in a critical moment where his loyalty to his people is on one side and his loyalty to the Order is on the other.

Gullible: Amongst the Mohawk, there is a saying that goes "sometimes a dove is able to fly through a swamp unsoiled". This is to say that sometimes people continue to retain their innocence no matter what hardships they see in life. This describes Connor rather well; despite all the horrors he has seen, and even given the fact that he is a member of an order of Assassins, Connor continues to retain a childlike outlook to life. He believes in the good of people, and is far too trusting. His trust in others can easily lead him astray. But he's not stupid -- once his trust is broken, it cannot be reforged.

Socially Awkward: Connor is... kind of a dork, there's really no other way to put it. Not something one would expect from an Assassin, but the Order DOES accept members from all paths of life. He can be surprisingly shy for a professional killer. When it comes to matters of assassination he is as assertive as any other, courageous to the point where many consider him insane, if not downright suicidal. However in social situations, he tends to sit on his hands a lot, figuratively speaking. And he sometimes even refuses handshakes, particularly from people who appear overly effusive. This can make him appear unfriendly to those who might be his allies.

Dislike of Civilization: Pollution is kind of a big deal for Connor. He is not a creature of the cities and prefers nature. While this wasn't really an issue in the time where he lived, heavily congested cities with more smog than actual air are likely to have an adverse effect on him. To the point where he might have problems with breathing, getting around, escaping pursuit, etc., due to coughing, having to stop running, being unable to escape over buildings, etc.

Technological Limitations: Connor is from a relatively low tech setting, with muskets and swords still being the norm there. Aside from weapons technology -- Connor can find an offensive use for just about anything he picks up -- he will be slow to learn the normal use of cell phones, personal computers, and other "modern" appliances. The consequences of this are obvious.


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Animal Powers

  • Wolf Cloak: Connor can use this power to make himself near-invisible and sneak up on a target. This can only hide Connor from normal visual scrutiny however. He steps still make noise, he still breathes, his heart still beats, he still has a scent, he still leaves footprints, and he shows up on all non-visible light spectrums normally. Connor cannot stay cloaked for more than three consecutive rounds or he will lose stamina too fast to continue to fight.
    • Wolf Pack: As a side effect of this power, he is also able to call upon intangible spirit wolves, psychokinetic mental projections of Connor's connection with Wolf. These wolves are capable of attacking like living wolves-- they can employ pack mentality and coordinate their attacks, they cause damage by biting and pouncing like a normal wolf. Connor can mentally direct them, and they remain at Connor's side until either they deal damage to an enemy, the enemy deals them damage, or Connor dismisses them.
  • Eagle Flight: Morphing into a wispy spirit eagle, Connor can bridge longer gaps than he can jump on his own. However, this is not completely free flight as one might think of turning into an eagle. He must have visual line-of-sight with his "Point B". While he can stagger, leapfrog, and change this ending point mid-flight, he must have one. If he loses line of sight he will immediately return to his normal form. He cannot use this power AT ALL if he does not have line-of-sight with his intended destination.
  • Bear Might: Tapping into the power of Bear, Connor can imbue a single physical action at a time with devastating physical force. When he does this it is obvious, as the translucent image of a bear appears over him, mimicking his movements, as long as his physical action is imbued with the power of the bear. It is a "burst" type ability and cannot be sustained for more than a few seconds at a time. And once it's done, he needs to let the power "recharge" for a short time. Mechanically he can only use this once every other round at most, and this tends to tire him.


        Ratonhnhaké:ton's personality is not one he chose himself. Rather it was forged for him due to the traumatic events of his life. As a young boy living in a peaceful village in the northern portions of New England, Ratonhnhaké:ton enjoyed winsome activities such as playing hide and seek with his friends, playing pranks on his mother, and sharing scary stories of the dangers that lurked in the wilderness. He knew that there was much more to see outside his village, as he knew his mother kept many ancient scriptures that spoke of men in white cloaks moving like ghosts in the shadows to fight those who had crosses on their chests. He also possessed an uncanny gift of sixth sense, able to see secrets with his true vision where others would be fooled. However, Connor didn't know what to do or say about such stories other than have some mild fascination for them and his gift of true vision was used for little more than cheating at hide and seek. He was none the wiser about his true heritage.

        That all changed when a group of Templars-- the men with crosses-- came to his people's lands. He believed they burned his village, killing his mother and earning them his undying hatred. From then on, Ratonhnhaké:ton went from being a carefree boy to an intense young man. There was not a day in his life, not one second of his existence, where he did not think of seeing his mother dying in a burning house. He seemed entirely incapable of letting it go, and it was something that would define him through his entire life.

        Even as a grown man, he is incapable of letting a slight go. He refuses to reach out a second time when mercy is refused. He will give someone ONE chance. If that chance is not taken, the next time he crosses paths with that someone... he is likely to react with a killing blow. A bridge burnt is one he will make no effort to repair (metaphorically speaking). This helps his overly trusting nature somewhat, in that he probably won't be taken advantage of more than once.

        Connor is torn between his rage towards the men that killed his mother and the teachings of the Kanien'keha. As a child of nature, Connor has been instructed that he must take care of all living things, be mindful of excess that would harm nature, respect others and is otherwise a very spiritual man. As an Assassin, Connor would like nothing more than to slaughter everyone that is affiliated with the Templars and has absolutely no qualms of killing whoever tries to get in his way, regardless of their allegiance-- be they English, Patriots, or even other Native Americans. Something that his father learned quite readily. About the only thing that the Creed of the Assassins and the teachings of the Kanien'keha agree on is that he should not kill an innocent for whatever reason. Other than that, it's a constant struggle, with Connor debating over if he should actually let some of these enemies live.

        This is an internal conflict, however, kept hidden fron the world around him. Connor is particularly good at hiding his emotions and those that know him would have a hard time learning there's something wrong him just by seeing how composed he seems all the time. There's no outward sign that he's having difficulty with anything, to the point where he seldom shows any emotion... likely because he's too busy holding all of his inner turmoil back.

        That said however, Connor does show some irrationality every now and then, brief glimpses of the conflict he's dealing with. The way that he expresses himself is very dichotomous in nature sometimes. He is prone to give out elaborate speeches using the flowery vocabulary of the Kanien'keha while referring to things as facets of nature. Other times-- particularly when someone has done something to earn his ire-- he'll completely improvise and just say one or two words to communicate, often followed by a punch to the teeth just to get his point across.

        Despite his tactiturn demeanor hinting at deep thought, Connor is actually rather a simplistic man. Though often he displays a kind of thickheadedness that often comes off as stupidity at times. It's not stupidity, it's just his black-and-white view of the world around him. To him, people are ultimately either "good" or "bad", "innocents" or "targets". With such a view, deep and introspective thought is not something he views as necessary.

        Now, Connor is fantastic at following orders of any kind-- tell him to kill these targets, save these people or hold this line, and he will follow through far better than any person could ever hope for. However, expect him to develop any sort of independent thought and he will fail spectacularly. Connor seems completely incapable of coming up with any other plan than "kill everyone who gets in the way". Rather than strategizing, he often blunders through his missions. Most of the time he is only capable of completing them because he ultimately has a good heart and is an absolute monster when fighting, usually able to muscle through his enemies when all of his plans fail.

        This is not entirely his fault. His mother died when he was very young, he didn't meet his father until he was already a grown man (and at that point, he was Connor's enemy), and his Assassin Mentor was a grumpy old man who taught him how to kill despite constantly drilling into his head that his entire cause was pointless. Put simply, Connor needs guidance. Otherwise he's liable to just make a huge mess of any mission by picking a fight with the wrong person, or do needlessly reckless maneuvers. Whether by the grace of God or just some kind of insanely good luck, however, Connor usually manages to come out on top of whatever heap he throws himself into.

        But! That said, as mentioned above, Connor is not stupid. When he is presented with a plan, he can usually understand and follow it with a minimum of mental effort. Not only that, he managed to learn how to work a ship pretty quickly as well, and often picks up new skills with frightening quickness. From this it's clear he is capable of the strategic thinking required to create a sophisticated plan. He just lacks the know-how to do so.


        Ratonhnhaké:ton's story starts with his humble roots in the village of Kanatahséton. As a four year old boy of mixed heritage, he didn't experience much discrimination from the other villagers and often joined the other children in their games. His carefree life quickly came to an abrupt end when his village was burned and his mother was killed. Just before Ratonhnhaké:ton reached the burning village, he met the Templar Charles Lee and his associates, who hassled him. Ratonhnhaké:ton asked for Charles Lee's name; Lee asked why. "So I can find you," Ratonhnhaké:ton answered. Amused, Charles Lee gave his name... and then knocked Connor unconscious.

        Little did Charles Lee know that the boy intended to make good on his promise.

        Ratonhnhaké:ton became an outcast in his own village, constantly haunted with the thought of his mother dying at the hands of Templars. His life was consumed with hatred and often attempted to rally his fellow Kanien'kehá:ka to war against the Colonials who were encroaching on their lands. The Clan Mother of his village sympathized with his plight, and assured him that the time for action would come, though he would have to do so alone as the village had been instructed by prophecy to guard a certain ancient secret.

        The boy thought this was mostly rubbish, until he was granted a vision by an artifact given to him thanks to the Clan Mother. There, he saw the spirit of a woman-- who, unknown to him was Juno, one of the people of the First Civilization-- and she explained to him the long secret war that had raged on for centuries between the Assassins and the Templars. He was then given orders to go out into the world and seek the Assassin symbol and they would then assist him to claim his vengeance.

        He was disaponted to find that the Assassin Guild of the Americas consisted of an old lame man and a drunken sailor. The old man, Achilles Davenport, initially refused to train Ratonhnhaké:ton, assuring him that his was a lost cause and would gain nothing from joining their Brotherhood. Ratonhnhaké:ton would not be swayed. For days he slept in the stables, until a group of bandits tried to raid Achilles's house. He helped fight them off, and Achilles finally agreed to train Ratonhnhaké:ton. Achilles also was the one that gave him his English name, Connor Kenway, in honor of his dead son, Connor Davenport.

        Connor studied under Achilles for many months after that, becoming involved with (and nearly almost being blamed for single-handedly STARTING) the Boston Massacre, where he saw his father Haytham Kenway ordering English troops to fire on civilians. It was there that Connor learned that his father was a Templar, a member of the Order that he believed had taken part in the burning of his village. Connor decided that Haytham Kenway too, would have to die.

        Once Connor was of proper age, he set out into the New England colonies with the mission of pushing back the English invasion. The English were being backed up by the Templars and so initially Connor sided with the Colonials to thwart the Templars plans. As he continued his journey, he end up taking part in (more like "roped into", really) the Boston Tea Party, killing John Pitcairn in the battle of Bunker Hill, aiding Paul Revere to alert the Colonials of British troops and even witnessing the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

        Connor started to have doubts of his mission, particularly when he learned that General George Washington, who he considered a good friend and a strong ally until then, had actually been the one who had ordered the destruction of his village so many years ago. Personally. And that he had ordered the American soldiers to attack his village again. Only this time they were to raze the village to the ground, destroy the fields, and salt the earth so that nothing could grow there.

        He also discovered that Haytham had known the whole time that it had been Washington who had been responsible for the attack when Connor was a child, and had only revealed the information at a time that he felt would be most advantageous to himself... seeing as how he was trying to recruit Connor to the side of the Templars. Telling both Washington and Haytham that they would both die if they followed him, Connor went to try to save his village. He was successful in intercepting Washington's letters, but ended up having to kill his best friend. Kanen'tó:kon had been told by Charles Lee that Connor had been turned against them and Connor could not convince him otherwise.

        After this, Connor became disillusioned with the plight of the Patriots. Connor had even attempted to work a peaceful resolution with the Templars and the Assassins, believing that his father would turn over Charles Lee after he learned that Lee had killed Haytham's wife. But in the end, Connor's allegiance was with the Kanien'keha... and with the Assassins. He would see that neither would come to harm.

        Eventually, after rebuilding the American Assassin Guild and ensuring that Achilles's homestead was secure, Connor continued his mission of bringing Charles Lee down. Not even his own father was able to stop him in this, and Connor eventually killed him in Fort George. Lee had fled however. After a long chase, Connor eventually caught up with Charles Lee and assassinated him, making good on the promise he had made so many years before.

        Connor took the "key" Charles Lee had with him, and returned to the Homestead. The colonies were now free, and the Assassin Guild was reborn, but his people had been removed from their lands and it would not be long until the Colonials did the same with the rest of the tribes. At the bidding of Juno, Connor secured the Precursor key, burying it in the grave of Achilles's son, the OTHER Connor, for safe keeping. As he set out into the field again, he wondered if everything he had done was for naught and thought of ways of fixing the mistakes that his recklessness had caused.

        Squirreled away in the Davenport Manor he almost didn't notice unification. Stephane, one of Connor's recruits that was a native speaker of French, noticed it when a string of impolite French words he muttered under his breath was understood. By someone who didn't speak French. Connor soon set out to see what had happened... and found the Assassins. The ones from the journals from long ago. Altair and Ezio. And more, several he didn't know. He had no idea how it was possible. But it seemed Connor now had a family again.


"The Journal of Connor Kenway"

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I realize that some of my portrayals of the lore or legends of Connor's people might be slightly inaccurate, and bits of other Native American tribes' lore. This is not done to be intentionally rude or disrespectful to Kanien'keha:ka or Native American culture, or to attempt to play Connor as a stereotypical "Injun". In fact, if you have seen me portray Connor, you will notice that I do not actually use the word "Mohawk". This is actually because the word is derived from an Algonquin word that means "flesh-eater", a name given to them as an insult to indicate that they ate their enemies.

This file is a disclaimer-- if any inaccuracies happen to crop up in lore or legends, it's not out of any desire of mine to be purposely inaccurate or to play Connor as stereotypical. I have done what research I could, short of traveling to the ONE REMAINING Kanien'keha:ka reservation in North America. The Kanien'keha:ka was just ONE tribe in the Iroquois Confederacy and the lore and legends from the Kanien'keha:ka, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, and Seneca nations have mixed over the years. This is not counting the great amount of Plains Native American lore and legends that ended up mixed in when the Native Americans were driven west.

In short, while I have done my best to make my portrayal of Connor as respectful and accurate as possible, it is nearly impossible for me to check the accuracy of every single fact, bit of lore, or legend used. Please understand this and know that I am doing the best I can.Dropped