Consequences (Elliana Fairchild)

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Consequences (Elliana Fairchild)
Date of Cutscene: 07 July 2013
Location: Castle Baron
Synopsis: Freed from Wrathborn's control, Elliana can now speak with him freely. She contemplates her new position as Princess of Baron.
Cast of Characters: Duet Fortuna
Tinyplot: Mt. Ordeals

The breeze outside was pleasant enough that Elliana kept her window open, but she couldn't shake the sensation that something was amiss. It shouldn't be, not with how things were now. Wrathborn was bound again, her Servant was grumbling but alive, nothing special was on her plate... and the room was nice. High up in one of the towers, it had a great view of Baron, overlooking the town outside the castle proper.

But that was just it, wasn't it? Baron. She frowned, considering the gloom over the town below. It was nice to be marked as the heir to this place, but for all the horrid things she'd done, Elliana considered herself to be the sort that would rule a place relatively fairly. Yet this kingdom was held in the grip of fear and misery, she could tell.

"Does that really bother you so much? Fear and terror is something you should be used to causing, now."

"Only when needed. Fear is a surgeon's tool, something you never understood," Elliana replied to the malevolent force inside her head. "Used properly it can cow a population into obedience, or guide the weak-willed into doing what you wish. Overused, it merely grinds productivity to a halt and perhaps even gives rise to rebellion. But what really concerns me is the king's change of heart, according to all accounts."

"You believe it is something on the order of what I did to you?"

Elliana shakes her head, "No... that does not seem right. Perhaps merely a human failing of greed, or senility, or perhaps a very long term plan." The priestess taps her chin, then sighs. "It will bring me into conflict with Sir Hall again, I am certain.

"Then leave. You have your experiments to perform."

A soft snort. "No. I have this title, right or not, and I intend to live by it. What's more, Golbez is an ally, and Rubicante is one that shares similar views to me. This is war... a foolish war, perhaps, but war nonetheless. Eventually, it must be settled."

"Then you will kill the king and take his place."

"For an immortal being, you certainly lack patience," Elliana sighed. "We will not age. We can afford to wait. Besides... something in what Sir Hall said has me curious. I want to observe this world for a little while longer, yet."

"What is to observe? Golbez has won."

Elliana narrowed her eyes, then turned away from the window, striding toward the stairs. "Has he, then? Has he really? No. Mark my words, Wrathborn. This world has much more in store for us than you could ever dream."

"And what do you intend to do?"

Elliana paused at the doorway. "Me? I do not know. Sir Hall made a good point, Wrathborn. I do not consider my actions as I used to. I have grown... complacent with my power. I think, perhaps, it is time I remember my former caution. And that I remember why I bound myself to you in the first place."