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The year is 2079, and the world has changed.

Pollution is rampant. The political lines remain drawn in roughly the same places, but new threats have risen up along with the uniquitous nature of electronic communication. It is impossible to find anywhere on the planet where you can't be connected to another human being...

And Technomancers have risen to become the boogeymen of the age. Men and women who can innately manipulate technology in strange and unnatural ways. Nobody knows how it works, though some Technomancers talk of Convergence, of the possibility of finding the Prime Code - the source of all programming - in mystical terms.

The Anti-Technomancer Taskforce, funded by the United Nations, was set up to combat this dire threat. Using extremely unethical methods, they have been somewhat successful... but if anything, those Technomancers who survive their brush with them seem to become more powerful and capable...

... So the question becomes, just what IS Convergence, and what does it bode for those who seek it so forcefully?