Crimson Sea

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Crimson Sea (Scenesys ID: 286)
"No matter how important a man may consider himself, if he is unworthy, the sea will someday claim him."
Full Name: The Silent Wolf of the Crimson Sea
Gender: Female
Species: Human (Abyssal Exalted)
Theme: (OC) Exalted: Modern-1
Function: Dread Pirate
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Confederacy (5-Captain)
Other Information
Physical Age: 24 Actual Age: 27
Still Aging? Unclear Voice Actor: Emma Thompson
Height: 5'6" Weight: 154 lbs
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Green
Theme Song: KeelhauledWenches and Mead Rum!


A modern day pirate who combines the current era's ruthlessness with the swashbuckling attitude of eras long past, The Silent Wolf of the Crimson Sea is one of the Abyssal Exalted and a servant to the enigmatic Deathlords. She captains the Obsidian Hammer, a warship from the second world war restored with the power of her Essence and crewed by the undead and humans slaved to her command. As a battlecruiser, the Obsidian Hammer's armament is impressive in any era. Crimson Sea is by no means defenseless when apart from the vessel. A master of combat at sea and in high places, she combines nimble acrobatics with enormously heavy weaponry and tactics designed to cripple and mangle her enemies before killing them. While often seen as a vicious, merciless woman without honor or ethics of any kind, Crimson Sea actually does adhere to a very particular code of her own design which she refers to as the Pirate's Code. Her behavior and choices are often inspired by pirates of fiction and of history, right down to singing sea shanties to keep her crew in good spirits.









  • Flaw of Invulnerability: Temperance. If Crimson Sea uses her Flickering Wisp technique to avoid an attack, she is compelled to counterattack as viciously as possible. There is no way to resist this compulsion unless she is physically incapable of doing so.
  • Creature of Death: While biologically still alive, her strong connection to the Neverborn renders Crimson Sea effectively undead regarding things which affect undead creatures. Sunlight is uncomfortable, she feels more at home in the dark of night. Holy-based healing spells are harmful, and actual holy-centric attacks and artifacts deal aggravated damage. Such things will immediately make the wielder a priority. Additionally, she can only recover Essence in shadowlands or through very specific charms.
  • Resonance: Typically Resonance is a form of punishment levied upon a Deathknight for disobeying the will of the Neverborn. Crimson Sea is not the sort who does this. However there are several ways to "force" Resonance on her: Being struck with holy attacks or spells or artifacts, responding to her True Name, using raw willpower to resist mental effects, or being unable to counterattack after using Flickering Wisp will all cause a buildup of this necrotic energy. At low levels, Resonance warps shadows and messes with television screens, though if it reaches high levels it becomes more dangerous both to Crimson and to everything around her. (+info Crimson/ResonanceBleed)
  • Chronic Stabbing Disorder: Crimson Sea makes no secret of how much she enjoys killing others. Murder is her solution to most problems, and the challenge comes down to finding the right person to render a corpse. This can be fairly predictable, and in a company of comrades who are not her direct Confederate allies, one should always watch their back in case she finds an opportunity to put a knife in it. Even her allies have faced occasional "mishaps" with standing in the wrong place during an artillery barrage.
  • Beneath The Black Flag: Crimson Sea's murderous tendencies and absolute disregard for camaraderie even in the face of a more dangerous foe results in her having many enemies throughout the Multiverse. This is further exacerbated by her casual disregard for human life and her eccentric personality, which can make her infuriating for those who already have a low opinion of her. It's very easy for Crimson Sea to fall on the bad side of just about anyone with a strong moral code, and her behavior only serves to cement negative opinions.


Title Date Scene Summary
The Fall of the Triumvirate September 2nd, 2015 Even heroes can die.
The Bloody Tide February 19th, 2015 San Francisco is overrun by undead squids. While Crimson deals with the source of the problem, everyone else keeps the horde from destroying the city's population.
This Scene Rated ARRRR September 20th, 2014 A hedonistic serial killer starts a party to celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day. Now with 100% less murder.
Triancian Piracy September 14th, 2014 A Triancian convoy is suddenly attacked by a very unexpected enemy.


Title Date Scene Summary
Coping Mechanisms (Crimson Sea) December 11th, 2016 After the collapse of everything, someone is looking for something

An Unrelated Story

Cold. Water. Darkness. Weight.

It's all I can do to turn my head up. All I can catch is a glimpse of light disappearing above me.

My name is Mina Morgan, and I am about to die.

Cold. Water. Darkness. Weight.

How did it come to this?

I was born in Georgia. When I was little, my parents moved to Florida and that's where I grew up. My father was a big white man, his face turned red when he laughed. He laughed a lot. My mother was a tiny woman from Asia. China, I think. Maybe Korea. She never mentioned it, really.

Growing up was...uneventful. I've always loved the sea. Sand castles and tide pools. When I got older, boating and fishing. Not one boyfriend in my whole life, but I wasn't really looking for one.

After high school, I went to college. I wanted to study the sea. After my third time through oceanographic sciences, I realized that wasn't going to happen. I couldn't afford to continue. I had to drop out and try to get a job to pay off my loans.

Eventually, I found work on a boat. It wasn't quite what I wanted. But it was on the sea.

Cold. Water. Darkness. Weight.

My name is Mina Morgan. I love the sea, and now I am going to die in the sea.

You see. The boat I started working on turned out to be a gang of modern day pirates. You know, the guys who attack luxury liners and steal all the rich peoples' fancy watches and stuff. I had no other options by the time the opportunity came along. I needed money. I couldn't be a burden to my parents.

I did it for two years. The money was surprisingly good. I was away from home a lot though. I never hurt anyone, either. I was the helmsman, I stayed on our ship while the guys did the dirty work. I paid off my debts pretty quickly like this, even with my tiny cut.

My lungs are burning. I can't breathe, and the weight on my chest is getting unbearable.

A nice fat prize on the water north of Norway. A cruise ship heading out to look at icebergs and polar bears, I guess. I guess the US Navy had also caught word that we were out there. No sooner had we pulled alongside the liner, there was a destroyer pulling alongside us.

The cruise liner kept going. We were boarded by marines. And the first thing out of that spineless sod of a captain's mouth is "She's the captain" and his sausage finger pointing at me. I was taken onto the destroyer and met the captain. He didn't listen. He didn't even ask me anything. He only said one thing.

"We'll make her an example for that scum she calls a crew. Put her in chains and throw her off the fantail."

And in no time, there I was on the aft deck, wrapped in chains and weights. Nobody would listen to me. I had no way out. So what else could I do? At the tops of my lungs I screamed at them all, "As sure as Hell's my final fate, you'll all soon die or worse!"

A boot in the small of my back. A brief glimpse of gray hull. Blue sky. Black water. And then the cold. Wet. Weight.

And that's how I got into this mess.

Execution without a trial. Freakin' cowboy justice.

I can't take this anymore. My lungs are on fire. It's black all around but I can feel my vision going. The pressure on my chest. The chains pulling me down.

"You have a greater destiny."

Who's there?

"You need only reach for it."

I don't want to die. Not like this.


It's gone.

The pain is gone. The crushing weight of the water. The burning in my lungs. I move my arms and find the chains unable to resist any longer. Have I died?

No. I still feel cold. I can't breathe. A second wind..somehow.. Strength fills my body. A chill power I can't recognize.

My name is... ..No.. No, it isn't. Not anymore.

My feet hit bottom. Solid. This isn't mud. My eyes adjust to the darkness until I can see a mountainous shape before me. My lungs start to hurt again, straining. At least the pressure isn't strangling the life from me.

Almost on instinct, I crouch down and plunge my hands into the silt at my feet until I feel metal. I can feel the power within me shifting. Entering the ship beneath me. My ship.

It's mine.

It doesn't do me any good down here...

I focus on the power within me. That strange, alien chill. Through it, I reach into the ship and issue the command that it is not allowed to be here. It is not allowed to sink. The metal beneath my feet lurches in response, pulling out of the mud and silt.


I turn where I stand, placing one boot upon the flared atlantic bow and folding my arms. And it is like this that I ascend beneath the destroyer owned by that pompous captain and his men. The ship containing the scum who pushed me forward to die.

I break the surface, my eyes closing, my lungs filling with sweet air for the first time in what felt like ages. I feel the ship beneath me still ascending at a sharp angle into the sky. An alarm goes off below, somewhere. Beneath my notice.

My ship slows its ascent. Having obeyed my command, it sinks back, but does not slip away. Beneath me, it begins to settle into a more horizontal inclination, swinging downward like a hammer upon the slime. Not even fit to clean my boots. My ship shudders. I can hear the scream of metal. The cries of men hitting the frigid water.

My name is the Silent Wolf of the Crimson Sea. I am surrounded by the dying screams of those who would see me die.

I am at peace.


Stalking Shadow is a Green-type Gunship Abstractum discovered in the ruins of a sunken island culture. It appears to serve Crimson Sea as something of an enabler, relishing in her lifestyle as a sea raider and looking up to the Obsidian Hammer as a long-term goal.

It started as a small gunboat but has since grown to the size of a corvette and now sports two multi-purpose turrets. In battle, Crimson Sea gives Stalking Shadow orders and then lets it carry them out in its own way, only correcting it occasionally. As a result, Stalking Shadow appears to have become fairly independent compared to other Abstractum.

More crunchy bits to come as Stalking Shadow grows.